Wednesday, December 5, 2007

How to order print books

As many of you know, my first novel in print will be available 12/22/07. (Insert wild whoop here!) To find it for sale you have options.

1) Order from the publisher's webpage

2) order direct from publisher via email
to>(and call in credit card payment)~Call 1-877-322-8313, extension 157

3) Send an order and payment by mail, to Ellora's Cave Publishing,Attention: Fulfillment Services, 1056 Home Avenue, Akron, OH 443103)

4) purchase off the shelf or order at any bookstore
or 5)

Monday, October 29, 2007

It's about time

Some of you know this and some may not, but I've been recovering after major surgery for the last several weeks. I still have a while to go, but I'm getting there.

Being on bedrest (alone) can drive a person stir crazy. Fortunately, I discovered audiobooks. My wonderful husband also set me up with voice software so I could stay in touch via email, at least marginally. I even wrote two chapter with it. Of course, because it was still in training, I had to go back and edit quite a bit.

Speaking of editing, I edited two books using the voice software and they're off for the final line edits! YAY! So, you'll have two more of my crazy books coming at you soon. Will let you know when I get release dates.

One is Quivering Thighs, sequel to Heaving Bosoms.
The other is Death by Delilah -- a fun ghost story.

Ash *back to bedrest.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Pretty new e-mailing thingy


It's been a couple weeks in the making, but I finally set up an account with one of those companies that allow you to make a pretty newsletter and email it out to a whole mailing list, then manage your list for you. Hurrah! No more emails going astray or oopsies on my part. It was supposed to be so simple a monkey could do it. Well, I needed help, so how stupid do I feel? LOL I never claimed to be a technological wizard.

Anyway, I'm about to send my first copy out into the world. It's only a page, but that's all I wanted. An e-mail. There are loads of newsletters out there and I figured I'd best use my time writing more and more wonderful books for you to read. *grin.


Friday, August 31, 2007

Drumroll...we have a winner!

The August contest is over, and...

Christy Hawkes won the Chanel sunglasses out of 41 hopefuls!!!

Way to go, Christy!


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What a beautiful morning

My dh and I are usually such sloths. We're home bodies in a rut we find comfortable and for which we won't apologize. But this morning, we shook things up. We rose at 4:30 AM and hiked to the highest lookout point in the area to watch the lunar eclipse. A backpack held two folding chairs a thermos of coffee and two mugs. Traipsing up the rocky trail in the dark, even with a good flashlight proved trecherous, so my wonderful hubby held my hand all the way.

Yes, the moon is romantic. This one especially. I hoped to catch a glimpse of the full, red moon. It was only a glimpse, I'm afraid. But we had nice, clear skies and a beautiful view! Shortly before the moon disappered it turned pink. Maybe the western part of the country had more of a red moon. Our sun was rising as the moon was setting and may have thrown off the color scheme.

Still, I wouldn't trade this morning for anything. What an incredible way to wake up. High on a ledge, drinking hot coffee, staring at the moon and holding hands with the one you love.



Sunday, August 26, 2007

Once in a Red Moon

Article by Adele Dubois. Reposted with permission.

The Earth’s moon, Luna, also inspires romance. Couples throughout the world plan outings on the night of the full moon and spread blankets beneath the moon glow on mountaintops or park lawns to hold hands and watch the sky. The Moon and Sun align and the Earth feels their pull as their tidal forces combine. During a rare Blue Moon the full moon appears twice in the same month.

This August brings the rarest moon of all and a beautiful event; a Red Moon. After midnight Tuesday, August 28, 2007 a lunar eclipse will occur over the entire Earth. The full Moon, at the opposite end of the sky from the Sun, will pass through the Earth’s shadow, temporarily going dark. You may see stars in the sky not generally visible during a typical full moon as the total eclipse takes place. Suddenly, before dawn, all the sunsets happening around the world will focus on the Moon and turn it crimson.

Wake early Tuesday morning, bring a blanket to a mountaintop, and watch a fantastic event with the one you love under the Red August Moon.

Here’s the timetable for central and western U.S. and Canada. Easterners can watch the Moon sliding into eclipse while dawn is brightening and the Moon is dropping low in the west. Details: partial eclipse begins at 3:51 a.m. CDT, total eclipse begins at 4:52, totality ends at 6:23, and partial eclipse ends at 7:24.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

New release and play time!

YAY!!!! Demolishing Mr. Perfect comes out today!

I'm guest blogging and chatting all over the place tomorrow to promote my latest ebook release today.

I'll be here 8/16 and I blog there the 16th of every month!

I'm also guest blogging at Ciar's. She's the incredibly talented Art director for EC

And just to be sure I go complete nuts, I'm hosting a chat at Ellora's Cave with Rowan West tomorrow!

Hee hee. Get the straight jacket ready!


Friday, August 10, 2007

Born out of time

I have a calendar with daily quotes called Wild Words from Wild Women. Today's quote is:
"People who are born too soon or too late seldom achieve the eminence of those born at the right time." -- Katherine Susan Anthony

So, here's a question for ya. Were you born ahead of your time? Are you behind the times? Or did fate get it just right?

I'm not sure about me. I'll have to see if I achieve eminence.


Friday, August 3, 2007

Vote for Ashlyn!

One of my ebooks has been nominated for book of the year! I'm up against some pretty heavy hitters in the industry, so I'd love your support if you have a minute. A handy link is provided. Of course, it's a thrill just to be nominated so if you don't feel like voting, that's okay. I'll take a silent "Good luck, Ash!" Thanks! Ashlyn Chase
-- Where there’s fire, there’s Ash Heaving Bosoms, Cerridwen Press, available now! Vampire Vintage, Ellora’s Cave, available now! Being Randy, Ellora's Cave, available now! Wonder Witch, Ellora's Cave, available now! Demolishing Mr. Perfect, Ellora's Cave, August 15, 2007

Saturday, July 28, 2007

You're invited! July 30, 9 PM eastern is having three of the League of Amazing Writers to chat, answer your questions, post excerpts and have fun talking about our books and careers! And you're invited!
Oh, I'm one of the three Amazing Writers, by the way. (wink, wink) Come join us!

I'll be talking about my latest release, Wonder Witch - and here's the latest 5 star review!!!

Wonder Witch
How original! Wonder Witch by Ashlyn Chase tells the tale of a group of women, each with amazing powers, who are smart, sexy and unfortunately all currently PMSing…This makes for a lot of tongue-in-cheek humor and outright laugh-out-loud scenes, not to mention some seriously hot sexual encounters. Another thing that I enjoyed was the fact that the story is told from Joell’s cat’s point of view. It completely cracked me up…I enjoyed this witty, humorous tale of strong, smart women. I especially liked the twist at the end, which you will only discover if you read Wonder Witch!Reviewed by: Trang, 5 Angels
Fallen Angels Reviews.


Saturday, July 21, 2007

Incredibly flattering e-mail!

Hi! Back in May, TRS started a new weekly newsletter called The Buzz where readers get to choose what they want to see, give us their opinions on various topics, and more! Each week some 1200+ readers choose who they’d like to see us showcase in this weekly mailing. Since last Friday’s edition, they’ve asked for you.
We’re featuring one of your books in this week’s issue and we’ll add you to the list so you can get the mailing. If you’d like to donate a book (ebook, disk, or print) for lucky winners to be drawn at random, please let me know – though there is no obligation to do so.
Anyone can join this newsletter at though if they join today, they won’t receive this issue but the next one.
Anyway, thank you for being part of TRS and congratulations on being a favorite with readers.

Thank you TRS and readers with such good taste. LOL!


Sunday, July 8, 2007

I've been very naughty

I haven't blogged here for a couple of weeks. Sorry about the quiet.
But I have some news now, so here I am--making noise!

I finished the first draft of the Heaving Bosoms sequel, Quivering Thighs! This is my favorite moment as an author. Writing that final punchline and shooting my fists in the air and yelling, "Yay! Woo Hoo! or Cowabunga!" depending on the day. That's usually followed by a long sigh. Ahhh... And a couple of well-earned days off.

This is what happens to me when I write a novel--and this time was no different. I call it my Chapter Nine meltdown. I'm pretty happy with the beginning of my novel. I know where I'm headed (sort of--it's always subject to change) but I simply can't spend another moment on this particualr book! Gaaa!!!

What do I do when this happens? I write something short, then go back to it. Sometimes, if I'm still not in the novel mood, I write another shortie. Sometimes, I even write or rewrite a third novella or short story! Goodness me! At least I'm a productive procrastinator.

SO--getting back on track here, both Heaving Bosoms and Quivering Thighs were straight contemporaries of novel length. I think that may have been the problem. When I hit the melting point of a parnaormal, I simply open my imagination bag, reach in, and toss a little magic into my story. Suddenly motorcycles can fly; Leprauchans are real; and spelling doesn't count. My fingers fly over the keyboard as I tell a smaller tale. Of course I'll go back and fix the spelling...unlike when I blog and realize I don't know how to spell Leprauchan. Ah me.

Well, this is my life. Today I'll spend the rest of it with my hubby who just informed me that his poor tummy is rumbling.


Monday, June 18, 2007

New Interview with Lucynda Story!

Be sure to stop by and read what Lucynda asked me about Wonder Witch!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

I'm a Techno-idiot!

A friend just told me I sent the wrong url link to Wonder Witch...all over the Frickin' world!!! Way to go, Ash. LOL
This should work much better! or

This also gives me a chance to tell you not to read the excerpt! Unless you start at the beginning of the book it will make no sense. Also, if you read it and tell anyone else about it, please use a *spoiler alert* if you intend to reveal the surprise ending!!! Thanks for putting up with my mistakes.

Where there’s fire, there’s Ash
Heaving Bosoms, Cerridwen Press, available now!
Vampire Vintage, Ellora’s Cave, available now!
Being Randy, Ellora's Cave, available now!
Wonder Witch, Ellora's Cave, available now!
Demolishing Mr. Perfect, Ellora's Cave, August 15, 2007

Friday, June 15, 2007

New release today!

*A little behind the scenes info for my blog friends--Wonder Witch was written on a dare. Yes, never dare me to write anything you don't want to see in print. I usually consider it a personal challenge. ;-) And another interesting tidbit... The characters are actually my dear friends from The League of Amazing Writers! Keep that in mind as you read the things I made them do. (Tee hee.) Fortunately they're all really good sports! :-D

TITLE: Wonder WitchPUBLISHER: Ellora’s CaveRELEASE DATE: June, 15th 2007
GENRE: Paranormal Erotic Romance/Comedy, SuspenseLENGTH: Novella
ISBN#: 9781419910425

BLURB :Imagine thirteen attractive crime-fighting women with super powers—and PMS!

Joell, aka Wonder Witch of the League of Amazing Women, gets a desperate call for the League’s help. She tries to explain to their contact that they’re unable to work right now since they have to lock up their weapons when it’s—ahem—that time. Unfortunately he plays to her weakness. The victims are male models kidnapped from a romance convention! Since all the members of the League write sizzling romance novels in their spare time and can’t resist a pretty face on a hunky body, she agrees.

But who’s the hero in all of this? The models’ agent, willing to pay big bucks to get them back? The undercover cop, hired to work with them since he can pass for a model and be trusted with weapons? Or will it be someone else? Someone with superpowers of his own?

Sunday, June 3, 2007


TITLE: Wonder Witch
PUBLISHER: Ellora’s Cave
GENRE: Paranormal Erotic Romance/Comedy, Suspense
LENGTH: Novella
ISBN#: 9781419910425

Imagine thirteen attractive crime-fighting women with super powers—and PMS!

Joell, aka Wonder Witch of the League of Amazing Women, gets a desperate call for the League’s help. She tries to explain to their contact that they’re unable to work right now since they have to lock up their weapons when it’s—ahem—that time. Unfortunately he plays to her weakness. The victims are male models kidnapped from a romance convention! Since all the members of the League write sizzling romance novels in their spare time and can’t resist a pretty face on a hunky body, she agrees.

But who’s the hero in all of this? The models’ agent, willing to pay big bucks to get them back? The undercover cop, hired to work with them since he can pass for a model and be trusted with weapons? Or will it be someone else? Someone with superpowers of his own?

Excerpt: *The whole story is narrated by the witch's familiar--her male, black cat!

“You’ve been staring at that cup of coffee for twenty minutes,” Brigid said.

“I know. My scrying sense is really on the fritz. I can’t see a damn—” Joell’s posture straightened. “Wait a minute…”

I had been in her lap, but I wanted to see too, so I jumped up on the table and turned to look into the mug. That’s when I saw him—standing right behind her.

“Wow! He’s wearing an eye patch. I can’t tell what else he’s wearing, but damn, he’s smokin’ hot.”

“Really?” Brigid asked casually.

“I hope that doesn’t mean they’ve done something to his sexy, brown eyes. That would be a terrible shame and one I’d have to make them pay for. Now if I can just get a fix on the background…that is, if I can take my eyes off the handsome foreground.”

Oh boy. Joell was going to hate herself when she realized Rick was listening to every word. His grin grew until he slapped a hand over his mouth and backed away, probably to keep from laughing.

“Well, he must not be in danger. He was smiling a second ago. Have you noticed his straight, white teeth against his tan face when he grins?”

Brigid bit her lip. She and Stan looked as if they were about to burst out laughing. What should I do? Meow? Nudge her until she looks up? Or would she shoot the messenger? I’d better just sit and wait quietly.

Rick reached out and placed a hand on Joell’s shoulder causing her to jump and whirl around.

“What the—” As soon as she saw him, she leaped out of her chair and smacked him upside the head. His long hair flopped to one side, but he was laughing so hard, obviously no harm had come to him.

“You had me worried sick! I thought we had a ninth victim.”

Monday, May 28, 2007

It's catch-up day

Usually, during the week I write as much as possible, keep up with e-mails, do the errands and housework (blech) and that seems to eat up the day. At night I spend time with my wonderful hubby.

This week wonderful hubby had surgery. It's been a very strange week. I don't think I got more than one scene written and that was while I was in the hospital cafeteria. I do weight watchers, so I worried that all that hospital food would add weight, but I worried off a pound. LOL.

I stayed at the Holiday Inn within walking distance, but I neglected to bring a toothbrush, change of clothes or deoderant. LOL. Thank God I had my laptop in a bag or I would have felt like I was meeting someone at the No-tell motel!

Anyway, wonderful hubby is home now and mending. Now, I have to get back to writing to feel "normal" and I have 4 books I'm working on at once! So that's what I'm gonna do.


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Just when I think it can't get any better!

Look at this latest review snippet! I get so excited when my silly stories make people laugh.

Gotta Write Network

Being Randy

Being Randy is the best comedy I've read so far this year. Ms. Chasehad me laughing from the first page to the last. Randy gives you afresh look at everything...To be perfectly honest I can't wait to readthis one again. Ms. Chase has definitely been placed on my automaticbuy list!

5 out of 5 Quills.
©Reviewed by Debbie H.May 17, 2007

Friday, May 11, 2007

I got tagged...again!

Blog tag. A game going on all over the net. I was tagged a couple of months ago on myspace, but this is a new one. I'm supposed to list 8 freaky (only 8?) things about myself on my blog that no one else knows. Since my husband knows everything, I'll have to make that nobody minus one.

1) I can drink a sailor under the table (and have!)
2) I'm cheap. I consider bargain hunting a sport!
3) I'd rather e-mail than talk on the phone. I absolutely HATE the telephone!
4) I can do the sexiest, most sultry voice you've ever heard.
5) I've considered working for those 900 numbers, despite hating the damn phone.
6) I forget.
7) I can forgive easily. Forgetting isn't much of a problem either.
8) I get freaked out by those forwarded e-mails that say "send this to 5 of your closest friends or____ fill in dire consequences here.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

About that week long party!

I never posted anything about the convention I went to last week! With a new book release, final edits and several new projects in the works, I almost forgot! And next week I'll be doing my Red Cross thing, so I'd better squeeze this in today before it's old news. LOL.

The convention was a blast! Ellora's Cave really went all out for us! First they brought their male cover models who signed their gorgwous calendars and gave them away for free! (Drool.)
We (their authors) were escorted across the stage by said hunky male models as we were introduced to the crowd. (Must have been about 1,000 people at the kick-off party.) I've never felt biceps like that! Picture perfectly smooth tree trunks! Yikes! My escort was Mr. Romance himself, Jason Santiago!

After that we danced and schmoozed, had the opportunity to get our pictures taken with the models. Then we got caught up in a game of giving the most autographs to fans who won big bags of prizes. And that was just day one!!!

Every day was full of fun and surprises, but my favorite thing of all was being able to meet so many friends I've known on-line and give them all warm hugs. I couldn't imagine having a better time.

I can't wait for the next one when it comes to Pittsburgh! I think it might be close enough to drive to so I can fill my car up with promos and go spend a week reveling in romance! I'll also have my books in print to sign next year! I came home with no less than 45 books this year! Yikes!!! My luggage was lucky to sneak under the weight requirements for the plane ride home!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

New release today!

I'm so psyched! My second Ellora's Cave book is coming out today, Wednesday, May 2nd! :-D

Being Randy
Ashlyn Chase

A randy coyote howling at the moon from a hilltop is struck by lightning. Though a shapeshifter, he’s had no use for his human form. When struck, he changes to survive but sadly can’t change back. Unprepared for life as a man, he walks naked into civilization to find food, shelter and discrimination!

Nurse Sky meets Randy in the psychiatric ward. Where else would an under-socialized naked man who claims to be a coyote wind up? Sky’s Apache ancestry tells her to believe him and she breaks him out of the hospital. But what do you do with a charming coyote stuck in a randy man suit?

By the way, my other Ellora's Cave release, Vampire Vintage, is kicking butt! Here are some of the review snippets!

Vampire Vintage - A must read!Ellora's CaveVampire Romance

Action, suspense, hot love scenes, humor, wit, dysfunctional families, vampires, extra paranormal characters, and just plain great writing make this story a must read. I really liked this book, Ashlyn Chase had me laughing in all the right spots and holding my breath in others, the chemistry between her characters was perfect.
Reviewed by Catherine Smith, ParaNormalRomance.orgPosted March 31, 2007

Ashlyn Chase has written a vampire romance with her tongue firmly in her cheek… Although full of fun and laughs, this is a story with a great plot, some hot sex scenes and characters that leap from the pages. The reader will enjoy all the surprises Ms. Chase pulls out to entertain and give the story a lot of pep and sizzle. Go get this story right away, you will not regret it.
5 Hearts –
Valerie, reviewer for Love Romances and More

Monday, April 23, 2007

Leaving for convention, and when I get back...

I'll be at an all week party beginning tomorrow, Tuesday 4/24. I'll return Monday April 30th.

I'd like to invite you to our Beltane Bash at the league of amazing writers on Tuesday May 1st. I'll be posting excerpts of my May 2nd release, Being Randy, and giving away a copy to one lucky reader!

Here's an excerpt!

“I don’t want you to go, you know,” she whispered.

What kind of silly game was this? I pulled back so I could see her face. She seemed one hundred percent sincere as tears rolled down her cheeks, making lighter streaks through the dust of the road that had settled there.

“Then why are you kicking me out of your life? I don’t understand.”

“Because this is the life you want and I love you enough to let you go to it.”

You could have knocked me over with a chicken feather at that moment. I’ve heard that women sometimes say one thing and do another, confusing the hell out of men in general, but this coyote was completely stumped. “You love me?”

“Of course. Absolutely. I don’t make love to every coyote I come across you know.”

“How many coyotes…?” She tried to smile and I realized she was attempting to make a joke.

Forest blew the horn and rolled down his window. “Come on. We don’t have all day.”

Sky let go of me. “You can shift now. Please—just know that I’ll never forget you.”

“If that’s what you really want…”

She paused, then nodded.

“Okay.” I walked to the side of the road and squatted there. Concentrating on my other form, I closed my eyes and tried to shift. When I opened them and looked down at my body, I was still a man. Hmm…

Sky stood there waiting. I guess I’d have to try harder.

I balled my fists, scrunched my eyes shut and held my breath as I concentrated. Opening my eyes, I looked down and saw that apparently I had failed again. Sky cocked her head and watched me curiously. I held one finger in the air.

“Third time’s a charm, right?”

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Friday, April 6, 2007

Interesting article!

This has nothing to do with romance. In fact it's quite the opposite. If you have a few minutes, this article might really surprise you! Medical doctors have found a possible genetic reason for the famous Hatfields vs. Mc Coys feud that's been going on since the Civl War.


Sunday, April 1, 2007

No, this isn't an April fool's joke!

I've had the most amazing weekend!

Friday night I had an incredible review for Heaving Bosoms, comparing my 'madcap comedy" to Jennifer Crusie and Janet Evanovich! Holy...!

Then, Saturday morning I received another contract from Ellora's Cave for my novella, Demolishing Mr. Perfect! I'll post more on this as soon as I have a release date.

Saturday evening, just before I went to bed, I checked my email inbox and found a reivew for Vampire Vintage. It's a must read according to Paranormal romance!!!

OMG!!! I was too excited to sleep much last night. I just had to try not to bounce in bed, which would have kept my hsband awake. LOL.

So far, Sunday is a delightful day too. The sun is shining and it's about 60 degrees here in New Hampshire. My dh got the spa tub up and running after the long winter without it and I already enjoyed it once. I may go in again this afternoon! I was reading a book by Delilah Devlin in there and couldn't put it down...except to get out, dry off, and avoid getting pruney.


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Finished another one!

I've rewritten and expanded a short story for your reading enjoyment! My editor already saw the original and liked it, so I hope she likes the new version. I think it's better because the length allowed me to expand on relationship building...and add more love scenes! Oh, yeah.

Watch for news of a contract, (hopefully!)


Friday, March 23, 2007

What's in a name? by Ashlyn Chase

I'm one of those 'new-agey' people that make certain skeptics roll their eyes. That said, let me tell you what a difficult time I had choosing my pen name.

First of all, it had to correspond to my destiny number numerologically. (Skeptics: insert eyeroll here.) Next, I had to like it. After that, I had to google it to be sure there weren't 5,000 other things that would pop up before me. And finally, I had to look in the mirror and see if the name fit.

It took days and days of going through my New Age Baby Names book, the telephone book, computer lists, etc. Then after coming up with some possible combinations, one of those four things I mentioned knocked the name off my list. Color me frustrated!

Finally I googled baby names, or something ridiculously simple. I wound up on a mothers-to-be blog where they had been discussing the subject and putting together their 10 favorite names for each sex. I lurked. Yes, I know, it's rude to eavesdrop, but I was desperate!

Well, Ashlyn was in the girl's column and Chase was in the boy's column. I liked them both and I liked them together. The numbers matched. (Yay!) And the only thing Google brought up was a road in North Carolina! Terrific! Then there was the mirror test. Did I look like an Ashlyn? I'll be darned. I certainly did! In fact, I looked more like an Ashlyn than I did my own first name! Ha!

Then someone suggested Ashley. It passed the number test, but Google had a couple hundred Ashley Chase connections, and I don't look like an Ashley. I'm serious. I just don't. So, Ashlyn it was. And is! I love my new name. It's not new agey at all. It's not 'romancey' either. But, it's me.

I like reinventing myself. I've done it a lot--not always with a new name, but what a terrific opportunity to be what you've always wanted to be...or to be who you always wanted to be. I think they're connected. But that's just me.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Is comedy dead?

Well wrap me up and call me fish. I never thought I'd see the day.

I've been working my butt off trying to 'brand' myself as a writer of comedy. Now I'm told that's a bad idea because comedy doesn't sell. Who told me this? Someone who'd know and must remain nameless. Don't even ask.

So, from now on I write "fun, lighthearted, entertaining stories in a variety of genres." Got that? Not comedy. Oh no, not me. Hmmm... I'm going to have to retitle my blog. Any suggesstions?


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Heaving Bosoms out now!

My Heaving Bosoms came out today!!! Er...
I mean the book, of course!!! LOL

www.cerridwenpress.comRead the excerpt there, or the whole first chapter on my website.

I just got my first review and here's what the reviewer had to say:Heaving Bosoms was a fun read. Tonia was a well-written and hysterically funny character; she and Raphael fit well together... He was continually attempting to save Tonia from herself. Once Tonia and Raphael got together sexually...they had amazingly erotic sex. I was aroused right along with them. There were several secondary characters who were absolutely necessary to the plot. They were interesting and fun, with wild twists and turns. Ms. Chase has an intense sense of humor that she used well in Heaving Bosoms. I hope to be able to read other books by Ashlyn Chase!

Reviewer: Marcy ArbitmanThe Romance Studio

Woo Hoo!!! Not a single bad word to say about it. I love reviews like this!


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Woo Hoo!

It's my birthday! Well, not really. It's my characters' birthday!!!
Go and see!!!

Ash *Too insanely happy to say much more.

Friday, March 9, 2007

"I must be nuts' time is about to start!

Ever taken on waaaay too much? I can't be the only one. If I don't have repetitive motion syndrome by the end of this week, I'll be amazed!

Sunday and Monday, I need to send out excerpts to the reader's loops and invite everyone to my guest blogger day at Love is an Exploding Cigar. (Isn't that a cute name? I love it.) The authors there are kinda famous so I'm nerrrrvvvousssss. Come and support me! Please!

Tuesday is the above mentioned guest blogger day. Oh! And I'm babysitting my neice that day.

Wednesday is release day for Vampire Vintage at Ellora's Cave!
Will be doing cartwheels all day.

Thursday is the release day for Heaving Bosoms!
Please try one of them and see how much fun my books are to read! Also on Thursday is the first of three 'Ashlyn Chase and friends' e-mail chats. That one will be at Love Romances Cafe.

Friday will be the second Ashlyn and friends e-mail chat at Cerridwen Press chat loop. Sign up at

Saturday is my wine tasting book-launch party at a winery here in New Hampshire. It's to celebrate Vampire Vintage--hense the wine.

Sunday is the last Ashlyn and friends chat at ebooklove.
Joining these loops a day or two in aadvance is recommended. They moderate members for a little while to be sure they're not spammers.

I'd have my nervous breakdown after that, but I can't. Monday is a live chat at Writer's space.

Tuesday is a promo day at Joyfully reviewed.

Wednesday, I'll be speaking at the Goffstown Library in Goffstown, NH.

Thursday I have a chat with a couple of friends at the Ellora's Cave chat loop. Sign up at

I'm so glad I didn't register for my RWA chapter conference, which begins Friday. That's when I'll have time for a nervous breakdown!

Monday, March 5, 2007

It's all about me month!

LOL. I'm not kidding. It's beginning to feel that way!
Here's the handy link to my Featured Author article at The Romance Studio.

I think they did an awesome job. Tell me what you think?


Sunday, March 4, 2007

My first public humor workshop

I did it! I got up in front of a roomful of writers and spoke for an hour and a half on adding comedy to a manuscript. I chose the Rhode Island Romance Writers for my 'test run' since I knew those wonderful ladies would be kind to me. I hope they had fun. I know I did!

I wasn't even nervous until--dunt dahhh--the famous authors walked in! Eek! Jess Anderson may write for Harlequin Intrigue, but in person, she's funny as hell! Annette Blair, my hero, writes the best romantic comedy and is a national bestseller! Then, Hannah Howell bowled me over by appearing! Oh, dear lord. She may be writing serious scottish vampires, but she kills me with her sense of humor too! I never thought she'd drive almost as far as I did for this!

Whew! I'm glad it went pretty well. I figured, if it didn't and I couldn't never show my face in that state again, at least Rhode Island's small. I'd miss the beautiful beaches, but...oh well. New Hampsire has about three inches of coastline... LOL.


Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Another New Blog?

I have a My Space, a Live Journal, I guest blog here and there, and yet I need another? I know, I know. I'm having my head examined soon, I promise.

What I've found is that in order for folks to respond to my other blogs, they need to have one of their own. Not always practical, I say. I'd like a place where my readers can talk to me. Ask questions, make suggestions, even tease me (just be prepared to take it if you dish it out!) LOL.

SO, first thing I'd like to know is what readers would like from my blog? Do you want only announcements and book related news? Do you want personal entries about my life? Do you want a little of both? I can do that. How often is the question now. I write every day, but I don't always have 'news' or a life. LOL. I'll aim to blog at least weekly and that way whenever the mood strikes, you can check back and find something new. At least, that's the plan for now.