Sunday, April 2, 2017

April News

April 4th is the big day here in Ashlynland.
Lots of new books for you!

From Decadent Publishing we have Guardian of the Angels. About a City man and a country woman, with a touch of magic.
It's already available for preorders here:

And then there are the rereleases...I rewrote and combined them into this one-author anthology called Thrill of the Chase. Now you can have three for the price of one! Win-win-win!
The three-book anthology is in Kindle Select (an exclusive three month offering) at the moment.
But you can still order either the Kindle ebook or paperback from Amazon when it's released in April. It will be available everywhere after its 3 month exclusive. 
Here's the universal link

So, is that all? No! Vampire Vintage is "going wide." Meaning, that it was in the same 3 month exclusive Kindle select program, and now it's time is up! So it will be available at B&N, Kobo, Apple iBooks, etc. 
It's confusing isn't it?
Here, I'll make it easy. Buy Guardian of the Angels ebook now.

If you have a Kindle ereader, you can pick up any or all my books from my Amazon page, here:

If you don't use a Kindle ereader, you can get paperbacks of Thrill of the Chase or Vampire Vintage from either Amazon or Createspace.

Do you use a nook? I love mine too. There are plenty of my books at Barnes and Noble.

However and wherever you buy your books, you'll find me there. Just put my name in the search bar.