Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dear Sexy Lexie was released at www.jasminejade.com on St. Patrick's Day. It's the third in the Red Stilettos series. The fourth and last book is coming out tomorrow! It's Bad, Bad, Girlfriend by the delicious Delilah Devlin! Since our heroines are best friends and their heroes are cop partners, we had to work together to be sure the stories and characters dovetailed. I love these stories! Delilah's one HOT author!

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Dear Sexy Lexie is a story in the Red Stiletto series about an older woman advice columnist and a sexy, much younger cop hero. I'm very proud of this effort and so happy to be part of this awesome series!

TITLE: Dear Sexy Lexie

PUBLISHER: Ellora's Cave


URL FOR EXCERPTS: http://www.jasminejade.com/p-8222-dear-sexy-lexie.aspx

ISBN# 9781419926921

GENRE: Contemporary, Multi-author Series

LENGTH: Novella

*Some women should take their own advice…

No-nonsense, thirty-nine-year-old Lexie Burns pens an advice column—Letters to Sexy Lexie—that delivers common sense with a dose of humor and a verbal slap upside the head. Tyler Black, a younger, drop-dead gorgeous cop, has had it with empty-headed, superficial women. In Lexie, he sees the kind of intelligent woman with whom he could build a solid relationship—if he can convince her to acknowledge his existence.

With the help of some magical stilettos, Tyler might get his woman…and Lexie might get a desperately needed slap upside the libido.

Red Stiletto Series trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3Xl4U8JA5g&feature=channel

Dear Sexy Lexie trailer here:



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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dear Sexy Lexie, just released! from www.jasminejade.com

This is book 3 in the Red Stiletto Series. Think of the concept this way: Sisterhood of the traveling pants for grown women--with a pair of gorgeous red stilettos that magically fit each of the four friends. Each book stands alone, but why wouldn't you want the whole series? They're terrific together! Find mine and the other two here: www.jasminejade.com and look for the last book by Delilah Devlin next week!

Here's the intro to each story:

LIFE Magazine, July 1959

When Ava Darling and her new husband Charles Stratton III returned from Italy, we were lucky enough to catch up with them in their suite at the Waldorf Astoria. They said they were spending the weekend recovering from jet lag, but one could surmise from the way they cuddled together on the brocade sofa that their visit was more of an extended honeymoon.

We asked Ava and Charles about their courtship and heard a charming story about the two literally bumping into each other on a crowded street in Rome--but that was just part of the story. Ava treated us to a surprising account of the moments which led up to their “accidental” meeting. If one believes in fate, their romance may have been no accident at all.

She blushed as she admitted to gaining a few pounds after succumbing to a number of tempting Italian pastas and mouthwatering desserts. Apparently, this led to discomfort when she walked the cobblestone streets in her unforgiving high heels. Her Italian costume designer urged her to seek out a cobbler named Giorgio in his shop Desiderio del cuore, which is Italian for Heart’s Desire. She said he could create a pair of shoes that would fit comfortably regardless of any changes in her size or shape.

Meeting Giorgio was a delight, Ava said. His eyes crinkled with mischief as he promised the red peep toe stilettos she ordered would be everything she wished for and more. It was just after she picked up her comfortable new shoes and wore them out of the shop that she met Mr. Stratton.

Coincidence? Perhaps, but not the way Ava sees it. She’s convinced the shoes are responsible for granting her heart’s desire…

See the trailers:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3Xl4U8JA5g...feature=channel for the full montage
(heh heh, that didn't sound dirty at all!)
And here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLk-d389lxU for Dear Sexy Lexie!
Dear Sexy Lexie

Chapter One

“Lexie! I’m so glad you made it this year. We missed you and Sam at last year’s cookout.” The old woman glanced around. “Where is he, anyway?”

Oh, no. Please don’t tell me Maude didn’t hear about Sam.

As soon as that thought rolled through Lexie’s brain, the hostess rushed over and whispered furiously in Maude’s ear.

Maude gasped. “Oh, you poor dear! Oh, I’m so sorry. How did he die? No. Never mind. I’m just a nosy old woman.

You got that right. The last thing Lexie wanted to do was relive the horror of her late husband’s cancer at a cookout when she was finally moving on.

Maude waited, obviously hoping Lexie would answer the question anyway. When she didn’t, Maude said, “Here, let me get you a chair, you should sit down.”

“I’m fine, Maude. It’s been a year and a half.”

“Oh. Are you sure you don’t want to sit? I could load up a plate for you.”

And tell you all about it while I try to digest a greasy burger? No thanks. “No, really. I’m fine.”

Tyler Black strolled over. He looked just as hot in his off-duty Dockers as he did in his San Francisco police officer’s uniform. Six feet of solid muscle, dark brown hair and blue eyes with black lashes were only the start of his sex appeal. His twin dimples and wolfish grin gave him a boyish charm he might never outgrow.

“Hey Lexie. You are lookin’ fine.” He winked.

His flirtation made her feel like a normal woman, who happened to be single again and she grinned.

“So, have you started dating yet?”

Maude gaped at him. “Tyler Black! What an outrageous question.”

Lexie had had just about enough of people speaking for her. “Actually, Tyler, I’ve been thinking it’s about time.”

Maude’s jaw almost hit the patio, then she whirled and stomped off in a huff.

He sidled up next to Lexie and said in a low voice that made her shiver, “Good, then I can be your first.”

When she laughed, he leaned in closer and whispered, “And who knows, maybe your last.”

“Why? Are you gonna kill me?”

Tyler burst out laughing.

Lexie sighed. “Maude’s right about one thing, Tyler. You are outrageous.”

“It’s part of my charm. And come to think of it, you’re pretty outrageous yourself, Sexy Lexie. Think of how much fun we can have together. So how about it? Are you busy Friday night?”

Lexie placed a hand on her hip. “How old are you?”

“Just turned twenty-seven.”

“Ha! Do you know how old I am?”

He stepped back and studied her. “I think you’re legal. At least I hope so.”

She snickered. “You’re charming all right. But to answer my own question, I’m thirty-nine, and only for a few more weeks.”

“So, you’re fortieth birthday is coming up? Congratulations! We’ll have to celebrate in some special way.”

Lexie tipped her head. “Did you not hear me? I’m a dozen years older than you.”

“Yup. I did the math.”

“I’ll be getting gray and wrinkled any day now. And that doesn’t bother you?”

“Nope. I see more than a beautiful woman, maybe five foot eight with dark wavy hair I’d like to run my fingers through. I see an interesting, intelligent woman with a sense of humor, who I’d like to get to know better.”

I don’t think he’s kidding. Better change the subject. “Jolie said she and Gabe were coming, but I don’t see them. Did your partner get called in to work today?”

“Not that I know of. I’m sure they’ll be here. Hey, maybe since your friend is dating my partner, we can double some time.”

Lexie gave him a slow eye-roll and headed off to the bar.