Saturday, July 21, 2007

Incredibly flattering e-mail!

Hi! Back in May, TRS started a new weekly newsletter called The Buzz where readers get to choose what they want to see, give us their opinions on various topics, and more! Each week some 1200+ readers choose who they’d like to see us showcase in this weekly mailing. Since last Friday’s edition, they’ve asked for you.
We’re featuring one of your books in this week’s issue and we’ll add you to the list so you can get the mailing. If you’d like to donate a book (ebook, disk, or print) for lucky winners to be drawn at random, please let me know – though there is no obligation to do so.
Anyone can join this newsletter at though if they join today, they won’t receive this issue but the next one.
Anyway, thank you for being part of TRS and congratulations on being a favorite with readers.

Thank you TRS and readers with such good taste. LOL!