Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Another New Blog?

I have a My Space, a Live Journal, I guest blog here and there, and yet I need another? I know, I know. I'm having my head examined soon, I promise.

What I've found is that in order for folks to respond to my other blogs, they need to have one of their own. Not always practical, I say. I'd like a place where my readers can talk to me. Ask questions, make suggestions, even tease me (just be prepared to take it if you dish it out!) LOL.

SO, first thing I'd like to know is what readers would like from my blog? Do you want only announcements and book related news? Do you want personal entries about my life? Do you want a little of both? I can do that. How often is the question now. I write every day, but I don't always have 'news' or a life. LOL. I'll aim to blog at least weekly and that way whenever the mood strikes, you can check back and find something new. At least, that's the plan for now.