Wednesday, November 6, 2019

November News

Well...I totally missed the October News post, but the Fall in Love with New England romance reader/author conference dominated the month. It was an awesome success! I feel good about going out on top. I'm turning it over to another New England author now that I've moved to Florida. Suzanne Eglington will make it bigger and better than ever! To see a multitude of posts and pictures, you can go to our Facebook page or Instagram #fallinlovene

Now, my big November news... A new release!  is where you can find a handy link to all online stores.The paperback will also be on the shelves at Barnes and Noble, Walmart, etc. If your favorite store doesn't have it, ask them to order it for you! (You don't have to pay shipping that way--hint, hint.) November 26th will be my book's birthday.

Quick blurb:
Dr. Aaron Samuels visits the Puerto Rican rainforest to find a cure for heart disease. There he meets a beautiful mysterious woman talking to a frog. As an empty-nester, Aaron recognizes a lonely soul when he sees one, but he never suspects she's Mother Nature herself!

Also, this month, is the Love Your Bookstore challenge!
Take a picture of a book you're excited about in your favorite bookstore-get your smiling face in the picture if you can. Then post it to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #loveyourbookstore They will enter you to win some awesome bookish prizes! It starts 11/8, so plan your trip to your bookstore now!

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Monday, September 16, 2019

September News

Whoa! It's mid=September and I haven't posted my news yet! Well, maybe you'll forgive me when you read all about how busy I've been...

I've been finishing up my first Young Adult novel and have now sent it off to my agent who has an experienced YA beta reader lined up for me. To say I'm nervous is an understatement. Starting all over again with a whole new genre after fifteen years of publishing hot romance? Yikes! Naturally I have to create a whole new website, new logo and tag line, new social media presence, etc. etc.

All that and a visit home too! I have recently moved to Florida. Happily my family has a reunion every September, so visiting and catching up with my cousins is a treat. Mr. Amazing is able to work remotely, but he needs to report in once per quarter, in person. It's so nice of my mother-in-law to put up with us...I mean put us up for the week!

And, of course I've been doing a lot of prep for the Fall In Love With New England romance reader/author conference. Everything is falling into place nicely. It's going to be so much fun!  And in case you heard any rumors about the conference stopping just because I moved awqy, DO NOT BELIEVE THEM! A wonderful woman (who has been a professional events planer) is taking over and making it bigger and better than ever!
Please attend our booksigning if you're nearby!
Holiday Inn Nashua, NH in the ballroom from 2-5 pm, Sat. 10/19/19! 

So, today I'm returning the rental car and getting ready to return to the beach. I miss my cats even though they might not miss us all that much. They have an awesome pet sitter! 

Friday, August 2, 2019

August News

Hi there!
I hope you're having a great summer. The kids down here in Hurricane Michael territory have to go back to school August 12th! I feel so bad for them...but maybe it's good for their moms? That's how I'm choosing to look at it. More time for moms to read!

Publicly August is a pretty quiet month for me, but I have a lot going on behind the scenes. I'm gearing up for the Fall in Love with New England romance reader/author conference. Even though it's not until mid-October there are a ton of details to take care of first. Getting insurance, ordering the menu, finalizing numbers, etc. All the boring stuff.

The fun begins on Oct 18th when all the authors' efforts pay off. This year we're kicking it off with a 'charming meet and greet!' Every registered participant will receive a goody bag, name badge/ neck wallet, and an adjustable silvertone bracelet! The authors have charms that represent what they write or one of their books in particular, and they'll clip them on your bracelet. You can spend a couple minutes chatting with them about their books, career, pets, or whatever...

Workshops take place all Friday afternoon. There will be a choice of games or panels each hour (actually 50 minutes so everyone gets a quick break between activities) Then Friday night, we'll have our dinner in the Bounty Room. And guess what? There's a full size ship in there! 

Enjoy the rest of your summer! Hope to see you in the fall.

Monday, July 1, 2019

July news

My newsletter just went out. If you missed it, well darn. You missed a goodie. I designed it all by myself with my new Mailerlite subscription. There will be bigger, better ones in the future as I learn how to use the advanced options. Here's the link so you can sign up and never miss another!  *Hint, I'll be having a contest or two in each coming newsletter! I forgot to have one this time. (How embarrassing!) Last month's winners were Linda P and Janie M.

Happy Fourth of July! The beach community where I live celebrates the Fourth in over-the-top style! It's predicted to be quite hot this year... 95 degrees! That will just be during the day, of course. But as soon as it gets dark the fireworks start and seemingly go on for hours! If you'd like to see the video from last year, I posted it on Facebook.

I only have a few things to mention that are happening in my career life this month. First, there are two big group sales announcements and contests.

The Ryan Zee newsletter builder for comedies and cozy mysteries begins July 8th and goes to the 17th. My most recent Mass Market paperback release A Phoenix is Forever will be given away as one of the many prizes in that contest.

Then on the 9th I'll be participating in a similar sale/contest with Amy Vanzant's AuthorXPromo. My prize for that contest is a paperback copy of My Wild Irish Dragon.

If you like to hold a book in your hands, I have plenty! Here's a quick universal link to ALL my books. Most are in paperback form through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, etc. Just click the online store you like and place your order.

Also, Love Cuffs has a new cover! What do you think? The very talented Syneca Featherstone designed it. Check out her website.  The story is the same as our rewritten and rereleased version, which was improved from the Ellora's Cave original book.

*Don't forget to register for the romance reader conference in Nashua NH, October 18 and 19! Space is limited and it's filling up fast! It's one of the most economical conferences you'll ever find! Only $89 for readers and it includes meals and snacks as well as all the fun activities!

Thursday, June 6, 2019

June News

Well, our home in NH is no longer ours. It was hard to let go, but meeting the wonderful family who bought it and knowing how excited they were to have it helped tremendously. Now we are really Florida residents. June looks like a much less crazy month than May was.

Now (drumroll...) the cover reveal of my book coming out November 26th. The Goddess Gets her Guy. (If you've read any of my books from the Flirting with Fangs series on, you'll know The Goddess Gaia (Mother nature herself!) needs a friend. This is my silver fox hero! A surgeon who has to find another purpose in life when diagnosed with a career ending inherited condition (Essential Tremors.)
Now...apologies to my newsletter subscribers! I didn't follow directions, and advertised a sale ahead of the actual date. Therefore I've been kicked out of that sale! Instead, I'll offer all of you--my blog readers, facebook followers, Instagrammers and those who subscribe to my newsletter ALL of my Indie new and republished books for 99 cents each, regardless of length. This is only limited to the first 500 downloads up to the end of June. Get all eformats at once here:

On the writer's life front, while at Book Lovers Con, I met a couple of writers who live in my area! We're planning to get together for lunch and fellowship. The writer's life can get very isolated, only socializing with the voices in our heads all day. LOL But as another writer friend said, "Put a bunch of authors in a box of rocks, and a good time will be had by all!" So true!

I also have my first booksigning in my condo building on June 29th. I booked the owners' lounge and will invite the visitors who are renting here to join us from 3 until 5 p.m. Wish me luck. I will have many of my books on hand. Let's take a quick look at just some of them...

In addition, I'll have Vampire Vintage and Tiger's Night Out (books 1 and 2 of the Be Careful What You Summon series)
The duo, Heaving Bosoms and Quivering Thighs
All 3 books in the Love Spells Gone Wrong series
All 3 books in the Flirting with Fangs series
All 3 books in The Phoenix Brothers series
as well as some stand alones like Love Cuffs, and Gods Gone Wild.  

May News

The big news this month is Book Lovers Con in New Orleans! I'm one of the lucky featured authors! I will be hosting a fun workshop/game called Cards Against Paranormal. It's just like Cards Against Humanity but with questions and answers about vampires, shapeshifters, fairies, mermaids, name it. Sounds like fun, right? I'm really looking forward to it!

There are a few other places you can find me. I'll be at the Shooting Stars Gala, sponsored by my agency. If you're a librarian, bookseller, or blogger, I'll be at the Sourcebooks party just for you!
And, of course, I'll be signing my mass market paperbacks at the booksigning on Saturday morning starting at 10 a.m.

Don't forget to ask to borrow my lipstick and I'll give you a cute promo pen, shaped like a tube of lipstick. Very Jane Bond. LOL

The rest of the month will be all about personal stuff. A wedding, our house closing, and visiting friends and family. I hope I can squeeze some writing in there!

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

April News

Our move to Florida is complete! Almost. We still have a house in NH to sell. I'm not worried. We have an awesome realtor and there's already been an open house with lots of interest and a few follow-up showings. Still it seems surreal to be Florida residents!

So, anyway, onto my April news re: the career front. I don't have a new release, but I'm writing a new book in a new genre under a new pen name! I'm excited to be trying my hand at Young Adult Fantasy. Fun fact... I located an old picture of me as a 16 year-old--the same age as my heroine. Since I'm writing about witches, and I look very witchy here, I'll probably be able to use it!

No website yet. I need some content first! The good news is the first book is just pouring out of me, and I'm having a blast writing it! I love the premise and characters, and that's half the battle. Now I just need to make kids love them too. I think they will.

Now, back to Ashlyn Chase...
My latest release, A Phoenix is Forever (March 26)  is doing well and getting great reviews! There are still blogs and active giveaways out there, so look for them!

Hey, let's have our own giveaway right here! My assistant has my author copies, so she'll be sending the prize winner's book from MA. To enter, just send an email to me saying why you'd like to win a copy--and which season is your favorite for reading.

That's all the news for now. I hope you're thawing out up North! Have a beautiful spring, everyone.

Sunday, March 3, 2019

March 2019 news

Wow! Is it March already? I've been a little busy for the past few months. We got our condo in Florida ready to move into, and soon--we'll be moving! If that's not enough excitement, I have a new book coming out on March 26th...while I'm up to my neck in boxes!
Fortunately, it will be in all your Barnes and Nobles, Books-a-Millions, Walmarts, etc. And, of course any online outlet you prefer will have it too. I'm talking about the third and final book in the Phoenix Brothers series!
SO, let me tell you more about the series. The Fierro Brothers are actually a family you've met if you read my Boston Dragons series. 

My Wild Irish Dragon told the story of two firefighters fighting over the same job opening. Chloe Arish (a dragon) went up against Ryan Fierro (a phoenix) of the legendary firefighting Fierro family. Ryan thought he was a shoe-in until he met the feisty Irish lass.

The next Fierro brother to meet his match was Jayce. In Never Dare a Dragon he fell hard for the New York Hell's Kitchen firefighter Kristine Scott (also a dragon.) After the dragons' stories were told, readers had fallen in love with the Boston Firefighters who could reincarnate in fire. That's when my publisher contracted the rest of the books to be sure mama Gabriella got her wish--to see all of her sons happily paired before she would agree to leave Boston for the Caribbean retirement her husband had been dreaming of.

Hooked on a Phoenix, Book 1 in the Phoenix Brothers series is actually about the middle Fierro son, Gabe and his best friend's little sister, Misty Carlisle. Unaware of what a beauty Misty would grow up to be, Gabe agreed to watch over her while Parker was deployed overseas. Big mistake. How could he keep his hands off of her when she clearly wanted his hands on her hot body?

Book 2, More than a Phoenix is literally about more than one Fierro brother. Dante and Noah Fierro are best friends, roommates, and work in neighboring firehouses. How was I supposed to keep one out of the other's business? It wasn't possible, which created some friction and some fun. Enter two women with their own little problems...artist Mallory Summers who sees dead people and accidentally shifts into a monkey when she's scared and ER Doc Kizzy Samuels, a witch. Yes, Noah's got himself a witch-doctor. All of these stories are light-hearted paranormal romances. 3. A Phoenix is Forever. 

Well, I'd say I blew it because Luca, my youngest Fierro was bound and determined to become a cop instead of a firefighter--much to the annoyance of his firefighter father and brothers, but he was doing an admirable job. That is, until his neighbor's four-year-old daughter went missing. It wasn't his case and he was told to stay away from it, but he couldn't stand by and do nothing. 

So what does he do? He comes upon a psychic, who faints at the sight of blood. Dawn Forest doesn't seem the least bit credible until she proves what she can do. Now despite the fact that an ex-gang girl and a rookie cop shouldn't even be seen talking together, the little girl needs their help and they both step up to do whatever it takes. 

I'll admit this book wasn't as humorous as the rest--mostly because of the subject matter. A missing child is never funny. I had to resort to the veteran cops pranking the rookie for some of the humor. I'm happy to tell you all those stories--are true! I spoke to a few cops, each of which contributed some of the pranks they'd pulled on first year officers over the years. Of course, Antonio, the Fierro patriarch could be counted on for a good dose of comic relief too. 

I hope you'll give the series a read and let me know what you think. If you want to write a review, that would be great--or if you prefer, just tell your friends who enjoy a good romantic read!

Thanks for enjoying my books and I hope you love this big, fun loving, Boston-Italian, phoenix family as much as I do!

Sunday, January 20, 2019

February News

I hope everyone is staying warm! I have a new book to tell you about, releasing Feb 1st! Not only is this a whole new novel, but included is a free novella at the end. It's not a  teaser to get you to buy another book in the's a stand alone short you're bound to like if you enjoy my wacky humor. Just a little gift from me to you.

Tiger's Night Out is the long awaited sequel to Vampire Vintage in the Be Careful What you Summon series. Book 1, Vampire Vintage will be on sale a few days before and after this new release.

Thirty nine year-old English teacher Haley Hunnicutt is tired of losing out on love to younger women, and she’s not alone. One night she and three single friends perform a magical summoning of immortal lovers—guys who will appreciate mature women.

Jamir and his brother are shapeshifting Bengal tigers. Tasked by the god Vishnu, they have been guarding a sacred temple for three hundred years. 

When Haley has a vision in her dirty dishwater, she sees her immortal and he sees her. But she doubts a guy in a loin cloth has an easy way to get to New York. So, a trip to India is necessary—or insane.
There’s only one way to find out…

Also this month, on Feb 9th from 2 p.m. until 4 p.m. I'll be doing an event at a new bookstore in Manchester, NH called The Bookery
Three authors and friends, who all write romance in different subgenres, will read from their works and sign their latest releases. Come and meet Marianne Rice, Peggy Jaeger, and me! There's a cafĂ© where you can treat yourselves to a little afternoon snack before or after you browse the shelves. 

Then it's back to shipping boxes and trips to Goodwill for me! 

By the way... Don't forget to register for the Fall in Love with New England Romance Reader/Author conference. October seems like a long way off, but spots are filling up fast! We have 50 authors and from here on those who register are going on a waiting list. Hurry before that list grows a mile long!
It's going to be a blast! There's a full size ship where we'll be having our meals and entertainment.

Half our reader spots are gone, so don't dawdle either! Readers only pay $89, which covers their meals, snacks, and activities for two days, plus they get loads of great free stuff! Fall in Love with New England