Wednesday, April 3, 2019

April News

Our move to Florida is complete! Almost. We still have a house in NH to sell. I'm not worried. We have an awesome realtor and there's already been an open house with lots of interest and a few follow-up showings. Still it seems surreal to be Florida residents!

So, anyway, onto my April news re: the career front. I don't have a new release, but I'm writing a new book in a new genre under a new pen name! I'm excited to be trying my hand at Young Adult Fantasy. Fun fact... I located an old picture of me as a 16 year-old--the same age as my heroine. Since I'm writing about witches, and I look very witchy here, I'll probably be able to use it!

No website yet. I need some content first! The good news is the first book is just pouring out of me, and I'm having a blast writing it! I love the premise and characters, and that's half the battle. Now I just need to make kids love them too. I think they will.

Now, back to Ashlyn Chase...
My latest release, A Phoenix is Forever (March 26)  is doing well and getting great reviews! There are still blogs and active giveaways out there, so look for them!

Hey, let's have our own giveaway right here! My assistant has my author copies, so she'll be sending the prize winner's book from MA. To enter, just send an email to me saying why you'd like to win a copy--and which season is your favorite for reading.

That's all the news for now. I hope you're thawing out up North! Have a beautiful spring, everyone.

Sunday, March 3, 2019

March 2019 news

Wow! Is it March already? I've been a little busy for the past few months. We got our condo in Florida ready to move into, and soon--we'll be moving! If that's not enough excitement, I have a new book coming out on March 26th...while I'm up to my neck in boxes!
Fortunately, it will be in all your Barnes and Nobles, Books-a-Millions, Walmarts, etc. And, of course any online outlet you prefer will have it too. I'm talking about the third and final book in the Phoenix Brothers series!
SO, let me tell you more about the series. The Fierro Brothers are actually a family you've met if you read my Boston Dragons series. 

My Wild Irish Dragon told the story of two firefighters fighting over the same job opening. Chloe Arish (a dragon) went up against Ryan Fierro (a phoenix) of the legendary firefighting Fierro family. Ryan thought he was a shoe-in until he met the feisty Irish lass.

The next Fierro brother to meet his match was Jayce. In Never Dare a Dragon he fell hard for the New York Hell's Kitchen firefighter Kristine Scott (also a dragon.) After the dragons' stories were told, readers had fallen in love with the Boston Firefighters who could reincarnate in fire. That's when my publisher contracted the rest of the books to be sure mama Gabriella got her wish--to see all of her sons happily paired before she would agree to leave Boston for the Caribbean retirement her husband had been dreaming of.

Hooked on a Phoenix, Book 1 in the Phoenix Brothers series is actually about the middle Fierro son, Gabe and his best friend's little sister, Misty Carlisle. Unaware of what a beauty Misty would grow up to be, Gabe agreed to watch over her while Parker was deployed overseas. Big mistake. How could he keep his hands off of her when she clearly wanted his hands on her hot body?

Book 2, More than a Phoenix is literally about more than one Fierro brother. Dante and Noah Fierro are best friends, roommates, and work in neighboring firehouses. How was I supposed to keep one out of the other's business? It wasn't possible, which created some friction and some fun. Enter two women with their own little problems...artist Mallory Summers who sees dead people and accidentally shifts into a monkey when she's scared and ER Doc Kizzy Samuels, a witch. Yes, Noah's got himself a witch-doctor. All of these stories are light-hearted paranormal romances. 3. A Phoenix is Forever. 

Well, I'd say I blew it because Luca, my youngest Fierro was bound and determined to become a cop instead of a firefighter--much to the annoyance of his firefighter father and brothers, but he was doing an admirable job. That is, until his neighbor's four-year-old daughter went missing. It wasn't his case and he was told to stay away from it, but he couldn't stand by and do nothing. 

So what does he do? He comes upon a psychic, who faints at the sight of blood. Dawn Forest doesn't seem the least bit credible until she proves what she can do. Now despite the fact that an ex-gang girl and a rookie cop shouldn't even be seen talking together, the little girl needs their help and they both step up to do whatever it takes. 

I'll admit this book wasn't as humorous as the rest--mostly because of the subject matter. A missing child is never funny. I had to resort to the veteran cops pranking the rookie for some of the humor. I'm happy to tell you all those stories--are true! I spoke to a few cops, each of which contributed some of the pranks they'd pulled on first year officers over the years. Of course, Antonio, the Fierro patriarch could be counted on for a good dose of comic relief too. 

I hope you'll give the series a read and let me know what you think. If you want to write a review, that would be great--or if you prefer, just tell your friends who enjoy a good romantic read!

Thanks for enjoying my books and I hope you love this big, fun loving, Boston-Italian, phoenix family as much as I do!

Sunday, January 20, 2019

February News

I hope everyone is staying warm! I have a new book to tell you about, releasing Feb 1st! Not only is this a whole new novel, but included is a free novella at the end. It's not a  teaser to get you to buy another book in the's a stand alone short you're bound to like if you enjoy my wacky humor. Just a little gift from me to you.

Tiger's Night Out is the long awaited sequel to Vampire Vintage in the Be Careful What you Summon series. Book 1, Vampire Vintage will be on sale a few days before and after this new release.

Thirty nine year-old English teacher Haley Hunnicutt is tired of losing out on love to younger women, and she’s not alone. One night she and three single friends perform a magical summoning of immortal lovers—guys who will appreciate mature women.

Jamir and his brother are shapeshifting Bengal tigers. Tasked by the god Vishnu, they have been guarding a sacred temple for three hundred years. 

When Haley has a vision in her dirty dishwater, she sees her immortal and he sees her. But she doubts a guy in a loin cloth has an easy way to get to New York. So, a trip to India is necessary—or insane.
There’s only one way to find out…

Also this month, on Feb 9th from 2 p.m. until 4 p.m. I'll be doing an event at a new bookstore in Manchester, NH called The Bookery
Three authors and friends, who all write romance in different subgenres, will read from their works and sign their latest releases. Come and meet Marianne Rice, Peggy Jaeger, and me! There's a cafĂ© where you can treat yourselves to a little afternoon snack before or after you browse the shelves. 

Then it's back to shipping boxes and trips to Goodwill for me! 

By the way... Don't forget to register for the Fall in Love with New England Romance Reader/Author conference. October seems like a long way off, but spots are filling up fast! We have 50 authors and from here on those who register are going on a waiting list. Hurry before that list grows a mile long!
It's going to be a blast! There's a full size ship where we'll be having our meals and entertainment.

Half our reader spots are gone, so don't dawdle either! Readers only pay $89, which covers their meals, snacks, and activities for two days, plus they get loads of great free stuff! Fall in Love with New England

Sunday, December 30, 2018

December/January news

HI, everyone!

My holidays were super busy, but good! I hope you all had some nice events to attend and sweet surprises.

My holidays aren't over until my birthday next week. In a two week period, we roll through Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve (our anniversary) New Year's Day and my birthday!
This year I have a couple of milestones. First, this will be Mr. Amazing's and my 25th anniversary! I feel so blessed to be married to the wonderful person I call my soulmate. I was a week away from turning 40 when we got married. Now--for those of you who aren't math majors, that makes me 65 on this birthday! Oh. My. Goodness! I'm a senior citizen. I just received my medicare card and everything! How did this happen? I guess I just hung around for a long time. LOL

As someone who's seen it all (well, a lot) you probably figure I have loads of wisdom. Ha! Not really. I'm still learning all the time. So, what has 2018 taught me? Well, first that I should not have ignored the good advice of my 2017 self and her resolutions! I had one resolution. To spend less.

Like a lot of authors these days, I've fallen prey to an expensive gimmick or two. It seems like every day there are offers practically guaranteeing to make me a better writer, super duper seller, smarter, braver, prettier, blah, blah, blah...

F.T.S. I am who I am. That's the most freeing knowledge I have. Sure, there are a lot of authors who have used a gimmick and wound up ridiculously rich. But that's not me. I spent $400 to be in a box set with ten authors, selling our product for $0.99. Believe it or not, people sometimes make money and hit lists that way! Not me. I received my one and only royalty check for $38. Yup. I promoted my a$$ off, and even bought and mailed promo items costing me another $200.

Do I feel duped? Angry? Sad? Not really. I just feel old enough to know better. If it seems too good to be true... Earlier I got involved in a newsletter building contest. I understood it skyrocketed other authors lists by thousands. My list went up for sure, a few hundred names and I was over the limit for a free list and now I'm paying $50 per month to the newsletter gods. When people received my first newsletter, they started unsubscribing by the dozens. I'm still over the free limit, but almost back to where I started. Sigh.

What should my resolution be in 2019? I'm going to say it's not to make resolutions. I'd like to take a better look at me. What makes me unique. What would I like to work on? I've been racing through my stories to meet deadlines and forgetting about some of the rich moments I could have added. I'll have more time to write the stories I feel like writing on a schedule I choose soon. I look forward to that. I just hope I don't get caught up in the next gimmick, the next sure way to boost sales, the next way to part with the small amount of money I earn and give it to someone else. I need a reset button.

Because I need to tell people about my books, so they know they're available to buy, I'll utilize this space to do so. Especially since it costs me nothing! Zip! Nada! Woot woot! Without further ado, here's the monthly news of my book releases.

March 26th will see the release of book 3 in the Phoenix Brothers series. A Phoenix is Forever is Luca's Story. A rookie cop in a family of firefighters. Link to all preorder online stores

And at some point soon, I'll be releasing the long awaited sequel to Vampire Vintage. Tiger's Night Out. These will be part of the Be Careful What You Summon series, a trilogy. Here's the cover:
Here's to 2019!
Here's to putting out books I'm proud of and knowing readers will like them, because I like them! Here's to spending only the amount I'm comfortable spending and actually feeling like I've gotten my money's worth.
Here's to remembering the other things that are important. Relationships for one thing. 25 year marriages and even longer friendships.
Here's to you!       

Monday, October 1, 2018

October News

Happy October! It's paranormal month!

Usually I get a lot of requests for book signings and appearances during the month of October. But not this year. I don't know whether to be insulted or relieved. LOL I do have books to write and a looming deadline, so I think I'll go with relieved.

I had two book releases last month. One was a box set and the other that came out a week later was a novel in my latest series Phoenix Brothers. 

More than a Phoenix was named so because there's more than one hero and more than one heroine. My characters were brothers, best friends, and roommates. I couldn't get them to stay out of each other's business, so I just told both of their stories at once. I didn't know how that would be received, so I was anxious to see the first review come in: It was a goody! Here it is, reprinted in full with permission:


Title: More than a Phoenix
Authors: Ashlyn Chase
Score: 5.00 / 5 - Reviewer Top Pick


“Ashlyn Chase gives readers more than a shifter romance with this fantastic paranormal romance. I’ve been waiting to read the latest story from this author and due to her previous successes I had extremely high hopes. My expectations with each book get higher and higher and not only were they reached, they were exceeded. Not only did I get one fabulous love story but I got two in this fantastic adventure.
Brothers Dante and Noah Fierro are more than brothers, they are best friends and roommates. While there are similarities, including the fact that they are both phoenix shifters, Dante is the more easygoing and Noah is a bit of a hot head. The bond between them and the rest of their family is beautiful. It was a little hard to see the two of them not getting along as they both dealt with their feelings for the new women in their lives. Both Mallory Summers and Dr. Kizzy Samuels are fascinating, strong women with extremely complicated issues in their life. Watching them deal with not only their paranormal problems but with the addition of the sexy firefighters was a definite treat.
It was a pleasure catching up with characters from previous stories as they have all made a special place in my heart. This story had it all; mystery, adventure, heat, and heart. I laughed, I cried, I held my breath and I blushed and in the end I was left smiling and waiting for the next magical adventure.
The Story: Supernatural secrets come into play when two firefighter phoenix shifters meet their mates. Dante Fierro had a crush on Mallory Summers in school but he always felt out of her league. She’s been experiencing some strange occurrences lately, including talking to dead people and turning into a monkey at inappropriate times. The only person who doesn’t seem to think she is crazy is Dante. While helping his brother, Noah comes across Dr. Kizzy Samuels and the sparks fly but while the attraction seems to be mutual she’s put a hold on anything. Both Fierro brothers are determined to convince the women in their lives that they can handle the present and long for a future.”
Pauline Michael 

I interviewed the brother/heroes for another blog, and I'd like to share it with you here: The cover is for book one. If you missed that one, it's Hooked on a Phoenix, but the interview is for book two:

Of course, my book made several appearances on blogs with excerpts and giveaways! The kind that stay up for 30 days. In other words, there's still time to enter! 

Enjoy your paranormal month! I hope you find something fun (and not just scary) to read.