Thursday, March 15, 2007

Heaving Bosoms out now!

My Heaving Bosoms came out today!!! Er...
I mean the book, of course!!! LOL

www.cerridwenpress.comRead the excerpt there, or the whole first chapter on my website.

I just got my first review and here's what the reviewer had to say:Heaving Bosoms was a fun read. Tonia was a well-written and hysterically funny character; she and Raphael fit well together... He was continually attempting to save Tonia from herself. Once Tonia and Raphael got together sexually...they had amazingly erotic sex. I was aroused right along with them. There were several secondary characters who were absolutely necessary to the plot. They were interesting and fun, with wild twists and turns. Ms. Chase has an intense sense of humor that she used well in Heaving Bosoms. I hope to be able to read other books by Ashlyn Chase!

Reviewer: Marcy ArbitmanThe Romance Studio

Woo Hoo!!! Not a single bad word to say about it. I love reviews like this!