Sunday, October 4, 2015

October News

Big news! I'm in another cookbook! It's called We'd Rather Be Writing, and it's full of quick, easy recipes plus time-saving tips! Click to go to the Amazon page
This one I need myself and have already preordered my copy!

We're celebrating Mr. Amazing's birthday, and he is taking 12 well deserved days off. That means I don't know where I'll be or what I'll be doing for most of those days. It's a staycation, but that doesn't mean we're staying put. He has a 'honey-do' list to work on, but I'll want him to have some fun too. His mom and I are kidnapping--I mean, taking him to lunch and a movie on his actual birthday. Other than that, who knows. We're spontaneous sometimes.

Later in the month I have a planned event I want everyone to know about. A book signing at Barnes and Nobel in Salem, NH, on Oct. 24th from 1 to 4 p.m.  And here's the shocker...they asked me! Usually mid-list authors have to beg for book signings at B&N.

In all month news...
I have offered a big contest prize here: I didn't have to blog or anything. Just cough up a really good prize worth about 50 bucks. ;) The contest is going on all month, and there's tons of prizes up for grabs, so (in the words of Tina Fay) "I want to go to there."

My prize is a 'Reader Survival Kit.'
The insulated lunch bag holds my entire Flirting with Fangs trilogy, first aid kit, a mylar blanket, flashlight, protein bars, water, and of course chocolate to make everything better...basically whatever a reader could possibly need to keep them safe and entertained while waiting for help to arrive.

As a reminder...Don't forget that Tug of Attraction was just rereleased! It's the second book in the Love Spells Gone Wrong series. Fun stuff!