Sunday, June 3, 2007


TITLE: Wonder Witch
PUBLISHER: Ellora’s Cave
GENRE: Paranormal Erotic Romance/Comedy, Suspense
LENGTH: Novella
ISBN#: 9781419910425

Imagine thirteen attractive crime-fighting women with super powers—and PMS!

Joell, aka Wonder Witch of the League of Amazing Women, gets a desperate call for the League’s help. She tries to explain to their contact that they’re unable to work right now since they have to lock up their weapons when it’s—ahem—that time. Unfortunately he plays to her weakness. The victims are male models kidnapped from a romance convention! Since all the members of the League write sizzling romance novels in their spare time and can’t resist a pretty face on a hunky body, she agrees.

But who’s the hero in all of this? The models’ agent, willing to pay big bucks to get them back? The undercover cop, hired to work with them since he can pass for a model and be trusted with weapons? Or will it be someone else? Someone with superpowers of his own?

Excerpt: *The whole story is narrated by the witch's familiar--her male, black cat!

“You’ve been staring at that cup of coffee for twenty minutes,” Brigid said.

“I know. My scrying sense is really on the fritz. I can’t see a damn—” Joell’s posture straightened. “Wait a minute…”

I had been in her lap, but I wanted to see too, so I jumped up on the table and turned to look into the mug. That’s when I saw him—standing right behind her.

“Wow! He’s wearing an eye patch. I can’t tell what else he’s wearing, but damn, he’s smokin’ hot.”

“Really?” Brigid asked casually.

“I hope that doesn’t mean they’ve done something to his sexy, brown eyes. That would be a terrible shame and one I’d have to make them pay for. Now if I can just get a fix on the background…that is, if I can take my eyes off the handsome foreground.”

Oh boy. Joell was going to hate herself when she realized Rick was listening to every word. His grin grew until he slapped a hand over his mouth and backed away, probably to keep from laughing.

“Well, he must not be in danger. He was smiling a second ago. Have you noticed his straight, white teeth against his tan face when he grins?”

Brigid bit her lip. She and Stan looked as if they were about to burst out laughing. What should I do? Meow? Nudge her until she looks up? Or would she shoot the messenger? I’d better just sit and wait quietly.

Rick reached out and placed a hand on Joell’s shoulder causing her to jump and whirl around.

“What the—” As soon as she saw him, she leaped out of her chair and smacked him upside the head. His long hair flopped to one side, but he was laughing so hard, obviously no harm had come to him.

“You had me worried sick! I thought we had a ninth victim.”