Saturday, July 28, 2007

You're invited! July 30, 9 PM eastern is having three of the League of Amazing Writers to chat, answer your questions, post excerpts and have fun talking about our books and careers! And you're invited!
Oh, I'm one of the three Amazing Writers, by the way. (wink, wink) Come join us!

I'll be talking about my latest release, Wonder Witch - and here's the latest 5 star review!!!

Wonder Witch
How original! Wonder Witch by Ashlyn Chase tells the tale of a group of women, each with amazing powers, who are smart, sexy and unfortunately all currently PMSing…This makes for a lot of tongue-in-cheek humor and outright laugh-out-loud scenes, not to mention some seriously hot sexual encounters. Another thing that I enjoyed was the fact that the story is told from Joell’s cat’s point of view. It completely cracked me up…I enjoyed this witty, humorous tale of strong, smart women. I especially liked the twist at the end, which you will only discover if you read Wonder Witch!Reviewed by: Trang, 5 Angels
Fallen Angels Reviews.