Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Most recent (and adorable) cover in the Stange Neighbor series

I absolutely love this cover and owe the artist a big sloppy kiss on the mouth--
oh, all right...a hug will have to do. People tend to shy away from crazies, even if they're crazy grateful.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thailand anyone?

I recently found out Strange Neighbors was picked up by a publisher in Thailand and will be translated into Thai! I can only imagine what it will look and sound like. I hope I get a copy for my keeper shelf.

I also hope they want the two sequels. First is The Werewolf Upstairs, which is going through final line edits. If you're worried that you might forget about it between now and February (I know I would! LOL) it can be preordered on Amazon here:

I hope you're having as awesome a summer as I am!


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Contest winners!

Okay, for those of you who love do I!
I love to feel like Santa Claus in the middle of summer.
And the way I usually run my contests is by having one to celebrate each release, and other impromptu contests on my yahoo chat loop. That's how I reward my readers for sticking with me.

Well, the recent blog tour included many contests put on by my publisher. They gave away not just one, but two books at several of the tour stops.

Me? I had a contest too. It was for the most frequent visitor. And the winner is...dun, dun, dahhh... Christine H!

I made her an anklet. (grin) Thank you Christine!

Another contest I held on my yahoo loop was called "Burn, stake or behead?" I asked my readers how I should have my good vampire kill off the evil vampire.

And the winner is Kimmy L! She had a very well thought out, involved set of directions for immobilizing, exorcizing, and finally disposing of him so that he could not possibly come back. It almost sounds like you've done this before, Kimmy. LOL.

Anyway, Kimmy won a pair of polarized sunglasses. The best kind to eliminate glare as you read on the beach!

Another contest was held for the same type of sunglasses last Friday for our Favorite Author Friday. Yes, I share the spotlight on the last Friday of each month. Knowing I'm not the only author my readers enjoy, I ask them who they'd like me to invite. We've had some wonderful people on those days and I've discovered some great new books!

So, anyway, last Friday's winner--drawn at random from participants was...Maisha W!

I hope you all enjoy your prizes and maybe others who see this will decide to join the fun! Simply click the sign up spot for the yahoo group on my home page.