Sunday, May 6, 2007

About that week long party!

I never posted anything about the convention I went to last week! With a new book release, final edits and several new projects in the works, I almost forgot! And next week I'll be doing my Red Cross thing, so I'd better squeeze this in today before it's old news. LOL.

The convention was a blast! Ellora's Cave really went all out for us! First they brought their male cover models who signed their gorgwous calendars and gave them away for free! (Drool.)
We (their authors) were escorted across the stage by said hunky male models as we were introduced to the crowd. (Must have been about 1,000 people at the kick-off party.) I've never felt biceps like that! Picture perfectly smooth tree trunks! Yikes! My escort was Mr. Romance himself, Jason Santiago!

After that we danced and schmoozed, had the opportunity to get our pictures taken with the models. Then we got caught up in a game of giving the most autographs to fans who won big bags of prizes. And that was just day one!!!

Every day was full of fun and surprises, but my favorite thing of all was being able to meet so many friends I've known on-line and give them all warm hugs. I couldn't imagine having a better time.

I can't wait for the next one when it comes to Pittsburgh! I think it might be close enough to drive to so I can fill my car up with promos and go spend a week reveling in romance! I'll also have my books in print to sign next year! I came home with no less than 45 books this year! Yikes!!! My luggage was lucky to sneak under the weight requirements for the plane ride home!