Friday, June 8, 2018

June news

Boy am I late! Here's the reason--not an excuse--an actual reason. I was trying to build a whole new website and blog. It turns out this old dog isn't fond of learning new tricks.
Maybe some of you can identify with that!
So, I'm abandoning the new, shiny, improved (and confusing) stuff and going back to the old, tired, but workable. It may not be fancy, but I can deal with that, if you can.

So, June news. I have a new book coming out! It was supposed to be in Robyn Peterman's Kindle World... but then Kindle Worlds closed overnight. I was excited to be invited to write in her Magic and Mayhem world, because Robyn likes my writing. (Squee! A famous author likes my books!)

Robyn was sick about it, as was I, but I'm a great believer in making the best of bad situations. (You should hear my life story sometime!) Anyway, I'm releasing it a day earlier and for the same price as Kindle World would have charged you. Upside? I get to keep my rights and more of the royalties. Yay! Anyway... Here's the book, all updated and available for preorder now! Universal link

Can a witch with superpowers and PMS complete a frustrating mission without losing her sh*t?
(That's the tag line in case you can't read it on your device.) 

Here's the blurb:  
 Imagine seven butt-kicking, crime-fighting witches with superpowers—and PMS! 
Joell of the League of Amazing Witches, gets a desperate call for the League’s help.  She reminds their contact that the women are unable to work right now since they have to lock up their weapons when it’s—ahem—that time of the month.  Unfortunately, the victims are male models kidnapped from a romance convention!  Since all the members of the League write sizzling romance novels in their spare time and can’t resist a pretty face on a hunky body, she agrees.
But who’s the hero in all of this?  The models’ agent, willing to pay big bucks to get them back?  The undercover cop, hired to work with them since he can pass for a model and be trusted with weapons?  Or will it be someone else?  Someone with superpowers of his own?  

I hope you'll check it out! It's only $1.99. Here's what a reviewer said about my work: Ashlyn Chase writes fast-paced, hilarious stories that leave readers smiling.
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That's it for now...
I hope you all have an awesome summer!