Thursday, November 12, 2015

November News

Exciting news!!
Dalton Diaz and I are launching a new only Indie. If you're so inclined to help a sistah out, here's the link to our Thunderclap.

What's a Thunderclap? No, it's not a headache. In fact, it helps eliminate headaches by setting up an automatic social media blast with help from the author's supporters, like you!

If I get 100 supporters, news of our Black Friday sale will launch on 11/26. Here's what that means for you. Simply follow the link (or cut and paste it to your browser) and it will bring you to exactly what will go out--the message and picture your followers will see. If you want to add your support, it will ask you how you want it to be your Twitter followers or your Facebook friends...and one other place that I can't remember right now. Instagram or something. (embarrassed giggle)

Anyway, I'd love your support! And if you're on my newsletter list, you may see this again...along with another awesome contest for a $10 B&N gift card and a piece of jewelry, handmade by me! If you're not on my newsletter list, and would like to be, the sign-up form is on my website's home page.