Saturday, August 22, 2009


I'm sorry I've neglected thos blog...but not really. I left up Lara's story for a long time purposely. If you haven't read it, please go to the entry below this one.
Now, in order to post something new (which ever blogger must do) here's my take on fundraising.

How authors help

Romance authors are some of the most generous people on the planet. Not only do they offer their knowledge, time and even money to fellow authors, but they reach beyond their own local friends and help people they’ve never even met.

Brenda Novak is one notable example. She started an auction to benefit Diabetes research—a cause close to her heart. This little auction has taken off over the last few years and is now a huge event. Everyone in the industry offers whatever gifts they have that others might want to bid on. An agent might offer a critique. Even a busy editor might offer to read the first chapter or two. And authors donate all kinds of things! Baskets filled with bath goodies, gift bags filled with books, percentages of their royalties, and even their writing talent when asked.

I’m one of eleven authors participating in a fundraiser to help a family who lost their nineteen year-old daughter in a fire. The hospital bills for two weeks in the ICU and then a funeral were astronomical. Please see Giggles by Gabby, release date 9/15. It’s in the Lara series.

I also just sent off a check to the National Arbor Day Foundation, which I do on a regular basis from my print book royalties. They use the money to plant trees in areas that need reforestation, as well as to educate our young people about the importance of trees to our planet. They clean the air, help stabilize the earth, and are important in building and, of course, paper.

And many authors donate to other causes that have special meaning to them. A group of authors I’ve belonged to for a few years donate money to Heifer International. It’s an organization that provides the means to make a living with animals to hungry families.

And how many of us have been to events like romance conventions or conferences where profits from their huge book signings go to the foundations for literacy. Since 1991, RWA (Romance Writers of America) has donated more than $600,000 to literacy charities. The authors receive no royalties for these donated books.

Most of the time, the beneficiaries will never know who they are. But that’s not why romance authors give. Most of us are very fortunate. I consider myself very lucky to be able to spend my spare time doing what I love. I’m certain many authors feel the same way.

And just because I must also pay the bills, here’s the only release of my three this month that will earn me any royalties. My novella Oh My God is a modern day erotic comedy about the Greek God Dionysus in New Orleans. For a look at all of my available books, go here:
Please support the arts! Without you buying our books, we’d have nothing to give away.

Yesterday, my dear friend Dalton's book in the Lara series was released. Check out Stray Lovers. Anyone who loves pets and hot romance will enjoy it.