Monday, May 28, 2007

It's catch-up day

Usually, during the week I write as much as possible, keep up with e-mails, do the errands and housework (blech) and that seems to eat up the day. At night I spend time with my wonderful hubby.

This week wonderful hubby had surgery. It's been a very strange week. I don't think I got more than one scene written and that was while I was in the hospital cafeteria. I do weight watchers, so I worried that all that hospital food would add weight, but I worried off a pound. LOL.

I stayed at the Holiday Inn within walking distance, but I neglected to bring a toothbrush, change of clothes or deoderant. LOL. Thank God I had my laptop in a bag or I would have felt like I was meeting someone at the No-tell motel!

Anyway, wonderful hubby is home now and mending. Now, I have to get back to writing to feel "normal" and I have 4 books I'm working on at once! So that's what I'm gonna do.