Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What a beautiful morning

My dh and I are usually such sloths. We're home bodies in a rut we find comfortable and for which we won't apologize. But this morning, we shook things up. We rose at 4:30 AM and hiked to the highest lookout point in the area to watch the lunar eclipse. A backpack held two folding chairs a thermos of coffee and two mugs. Traipsing up the rocky trail in the dark, even with a good flashlight proved trecherous, so my wonderful hubby held my hand all the way.

Yes, the moon is romantic. This one especially. I hoped to catch a glimpse of the full, red moon. It was only a glimpse, I'm afraid. But we had nice, clear skies and a beautiful view! Shortly before the moon disappered it turned pink. Maybe the western part of the country had more of a red moon. Our sun was rising as the moon was setting and may have thrown off the color scheme.

Still, I wouldn't trade this morning for anything. What an incredible way to wake up. High on a ledge, drinking hot coffee, staring at the moon and holding hands with the one you love.