Wednesday, February 17, 2010

This shopaholic is all shopped out!

Wait until you see all the amazing stuff I bought over here. I took a couple of pictures yesterday. At first, I just spread out the items I bought in Chennai. But then I decided to put out the things I got in Bangelore and Mysore too. Oh my goodness! I have way too much stuff!

I managed to get it all into a carry-on, but one more thing in that bag and it'll explode! LOL. I don't even want to know how much I spent. It was worth it, though. I've experienced both sides of Indian commerce. The kind where the store manager greets you at the door, takes you to the items you're interested in, sits you down in a comfortable chair and shows you all their wonderful things. Some even serve you coffee or tea.

Now, the other side... I'm laughing inside as I remember yesterday's shopping experience. I got the high-end treatment first, then we went to a five story shopping mall. Same old western mall stuff. (I bought sunglasses, nothing more.) Then we hit the streets. Oh yeah. T-Naggar is the place for "good stuff cheap." My driver kept telling me it wasn't the best quality, but I was looking for a particular item and we couldn't find it anywhere. T-Naggar Street in Chennai has everything you could want, including tailors. I finally found the little sari blouse and underskirt but the blouse was a little tight. (Happily, it was tight across the chest.) LOL. But there was a generous margin which the tailor used to ease the fit.

Then I got home and discovered the colors not only didn't match, but were a horrible clash! Oh No! Now, I think I'll have to buy at least one, and perhaps two more saris.
Oh woe is me. Where the heck will I put them???

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