Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day three is just beginning...

and already I've seen some of my favorite hotties in the dining room. Don't let my husband hear that I've been noticing some prime examples of TDH (tall, dark and handsome) while I've been here, but I'm sure he hasn't missed the gorgeous Indian women either. You'd have to be blind!

I've tried to describe them in the writing journal I brought with me. Seriously. Their skin runs the gamut from the strong coffee we have in the morning--to the same with lots of milk. Some are built like the solid mahogany furniture. And many have that long, wiry frame with flat stomachs. Yet some of the guests in this 5 star hotel look like they've been living high off the hog for a little too long, and they carry all of it in their bellies. I'm not critiquing, believe me, my figure could use some major improvements. I'm just noticing details the way a good writer would.

My husband is jealous of their thick, black hair. And seriously, it's ebony black. Sometimes I swear I can see a slight blue shine...not like Veronica's hair in the Archie comics, but almost. It's usually wavy. My hubby's is straight, more salt than pepper and it seems to be a little thinner each day. But he still looks good to me.

It's a good thing I'm in the business of spinning fantasies. This place is rich with inspiration! The men here seem to be just as interested in affairs of the heart as the women are. Valentines Day is new here, but it's taking off with bang! (Oops, pun almost not intended.)

So, I'd better get off this computer and either work on improving my first draft of Strange Confessions or jot down more ideas...or take a cold shower!



Sharyn said...

Sounds like you're having a lot of fun, Ash! Keep jotting down notes, then take a cold shower, and then write. You're a writer...you're allowed to look and keep plenty of details. *wicked grin* And of course, you can always jump your husband when he gets back from work. I'm sure he wouldn't mind. *grins*

Sherry said...

Pictures, woman, don't forget pictures.. oh and use this as a release.. Yes, she can use my picture so that all the middle age soccer moms back in the states and Maisha in England, oh and of course the hussy in Australia and then there is ... oh wait.. uhm, maybe you should just say.. hey do you mind if I show your picture to some of my friends back in the states.. They would love to see how handsome men in India are.... DON"T say website.. see how that sounds.. so polite.. Oh god, I am so good.. :)

Hot Ash Romance Novels said...


Awesome to hear from you. Thanks for understanding my 'research' and making me feel good about it.

You're right. Hubby's getting a workout. LOL


Hot Ash Romance Novels said...


I'm trying to get up the guts to line up my three favorites and ask them to pose for pictures. Unfortunately, none of them were working this morning. Maybe they'll come in at lunch. If not, I'll have to do it right in front of my hubby since this is his last day of work in Bangelore, and then I'll have to make up for it...hmmm...maybe that's a good thing!


Unknown said...

Agree with Sherry,
Pictures, female please.
prefferably some of the honeies you see in the Bollywood movies, my opinion, the only reason to watch a Boolywood movie.