Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Driving in India

I wish I could record the sounds here. Honk honk, hoooonk, honk, honk, honk...all day and most of the night. You know what? I think I can! Our camera takes short videos. I'll try to remember to record the noise and traffic from the rooftop deck.

Driving in India includes beeping one's horn every time you come up to a vehicle that might possibly get in your way. The concept of lanes is "merely a suggestion" as my cab driver in Bangelore put it.

According to what I hear, the reason there aren't more accidents is because everyone is only responsible for what happens in front of them. Who's doing what behind you is their problem. As long as you don't hit anyone, and the guy behind you makes sure he doesn't hit you, everyone manages to get where they're going.

I'm about to meet my cab driver in Chennai. I hope to brave the street markets for some bargains. I need a few things, I won't get there...like slips to go under the saris I bought. I watched a couple of videos on you tube to show me how to put it on. It's quite a process. I also noticed the young women here wear a more fitted pant-like leggings under their churidars. I'd prefer those to the voluminous silk pajama pants. I should go to the mall for them. Yes, they have malls here. Only instead of spreading out, they're high-rise malls. It should be fun.

In the street level shops or markets, I hope to pick up some fun things for prizes to give away on my yahoo loop, Ashlyn's New Best Friends. I love giving presents to my friends, so if you want to be one of my new best friends, simply go to the home page of my website, www.ashlynchase.com click on the yahoo icon, and sign up!

I know the gang is still having fun even though I'm not there. Sherry and Dalton should be there to welcome you. Maybe Garry, our resident guy, will give you an excerpt or two from my books. Rhonda usually pops in when she's not busy at work. Plus we hear from Athena more now that she's back from Brazil. Monica in jolly old England has been MIA recently because of illness, but I hope she's right as the Enlish rain and back to post pictures of hotties which the groups greatly appreciates!

Jeez, I miss you guys!



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