Monday, February 15, 2010

Begin every day with chocolate!

We have a fabulous buffet each morning at the hotels. Some items are standard, like Vada, a little vegetable donut I've come to enjoy, and other items change. At the old hotel, a whipped chocolate was availale every morning. I smeared it on banana bread and it was delicious! I always ate it last to let the chocolate linger.
Now, the new hotel doesn't have it. (Bummer) But this morning they had a rolled ring with chocolate-raspberry inside. Yum!

You'd think I'd be gaining weight over here with all the good food, but the truth is, I'm losing weight! I want to taste every new thing, so I take a tiny portion and savor it. I'm also getting a little more excercise. We're on low floor and take the stairs. This hotel has an awesome roof deck where the pool is, so I might use that more. The old hotel's pool was right in front of the resturant and all the rooms circled it. Yeah, SO not private. But I braved the humiliation and got in it once. I think I was the only person to use it all week. (They think it's cold here!) I don't know celcius temps, but it's in the high twenties to low hirties celcius. Feels like the eighties, farenheit. In order not to hate me, think,"Oh, poor dear, it's only in the twenties and thirties! And the Internet connection is spotty."

Hubby will be adding more pictures while he's at work today. Now I have to jump in the shower.



Sherry said...

Chocolate every freaking day, what is that? Ya, like I'm gonna feel bad for you with the 20's and 30's temp. HA! It snowed all day yesterday, and it was like 35 today. That's American temps.. Hmmm, did you maybe wanna send me one of those donut thingys. They sound really good. Of course, your losing weight, only YOU would lose weight. GEEZ, can't you do anything the regular way..
Love Ya,

Ashlyn Chase said...

LOL! You're right, Sherry I do everything backwards. Come up with a title, then write the back cover, then start the book. Hey, whatever works, right?