Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Time to talk about something different

I was blogging about my surgery and hoping I didn't sound like Aunt Martha talking about her gallstones. As it turns out, maybe I've exhausted that subject.

Yesterday I emailed my daughter about my progress since she had asked and I (mistakenly) thought she really wanted to know! I told her about the blackraspberry-like bruise, the bleeding that had stopped and started again, the pain, and well, she emailed me back and said, "Mom, I was eating as I read that." LOL. I guess that'll teach her to be honest next time.

Anyway, moving on to more pertinent things. I've passed the half-way point in my second novel in the Strange Neighbor series. As it turns out, I'm able to write despite my "delicate condition." In fact, it's a nice distraction.

So, my editor wanted me to come up with alternative titles for this new book over the weekend. Now, keep in mind it's about a werewolf and I was on pain medication. I started off with "normal" sounding stuff, but as she encouraged me to keep going, the ideas degenerated from the sublime to the silly, to the ridiculous. My last title was "Well, At Least He's Monogamous."

LOL! Come to think of it, since I write comedy, that might just fly!