Monday, June 1, 2009

Oh, shiny!

If you're like me, you're not getting much work done these days. I check my email and invariably there are links to something that I just must go and see. Oh, look, it's a new You Tube must see!

And off I go.

Then after I've viewed three other videos, I go back to my email. The next person has annouced a blog that looks interesting. Oh, yes. I have to check that out!

And I'm off again...

This continues until I finally finish answering my email, and lo and behold it's lunchtime! Yippee!

After that, I notice things downstairs I need to do. And if it's a nice day, forget it! I'm getting into the hot tub with a good book and after that, errands. Poof! the day is gone!

And what did I accomplish? Nada. Zip. I didn't even make anything shiny to sell at the stores that take my jewelry on consignment.

Sigh. IS anyone else out there like that? Do you have any advice? Oh, and if you're not busy, take a look at my daughter's recipe blog! She and my Slovanian mother-in-law made a killer apple strudel and took step by step photos. Oh, pictures! Shiny!