Saturday, June 20, 2009

Help, help, I'm being repressed!

LOL. Okay, that might not be quite the right words, but here's the gist and my take on it. Descrimination of e-published romance writers by their professional organization RWA.

The latest bruhaha regarding the Romance Writers of America (RWA) president and its members is her long-winded thinly veiled attack against e-publishing posted on the ESPAN blog.

Now, it should be noted that ESPAN is a paying chapter of RWA, which is for Electronic and Small Press authors. Hmmm... Yes, I'm e-published and a member of RWA. In fact, I'm the president of my local chapter.

Somehow I missed all the drama. I must have been writing or something. Silly me.

I had to go to the ESPAN blog and catch up. This argument is one of my favorite bits
of nonsense (it makes me laugh) and I don’t hesitate to voice my
opinion–-especially if big brother is watching.

You might think I should be walking a fine line, but for the most part, I don’t.
I’m honest. I speak a language I don’t think RWA understands but should. It’s
called common sense. My chapter members elected me knowing full well I’m
e-published and proud of it. I don’t argue with anyone re: it’s merits or
drawbacks. If they want my opinion I’ll give it–-truthfully. If not, that’s fine
too. We have other things to talk about, like the craft.

I don’t tell people where to submit their manuscripts since I don’t know what their experience will be. I can only speak of my own and it’s been much more positive than negative.

I’ve seen my style and voice grow and garner fans. That was a bargaining chip
when landing an agent and negotiating a contract with a mass market publisher.
That couldn’t have happened without epublishing and input from someone other
than my friends and family.

I just want to reassure any of you RWA members who might be afraid to speak up that there’s absolutley no reason not to. If you paid your $75.00 renewal fee you bought your right to tactfully speak your mind.

What can RWA do about my honesty? Kick me out? Fire me as a chapter president?

I almost quit 2 years ago, but that’s when I got mad. How dare they deprive me
of the friendships that have become so important to me? Why should I have to
agree with them to gain the benefits of our wonderful fellowship? They say
‘Don’t get mad, get even.’ I’m not the vengeful sort, but I don’t believe in
walking away with my thumb in my mouth. I’d like to reword that saying in a
more positive way. Don’t get mad–get stronger!