Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Time to update the vacencies for guest bloggers!

Guest Blog about Romance

League of Amazing Writers.
(Ask Jet) (Ask Karenne) (Ask Tina) (full) (Ask Ann) (Ask Cindy) (Ask Michelle) also ask her about Raven Paranormal Blog - Mandy) She wants ‘Behind the story’ posts or posts on Marketing. (Ask Jane) Open blog night. Send finished article to: (Ask Sindee) (Ask Ariana Dupré) (Ask Heather) (Ask Sandra) (Ask Linda) For G or PG books for R or X. (Ask Liz) (Ask Adele) PG-13 articles (Ask one of the Hussies) (Ask Danette) (Ask Selena) (Ask Vicky) (Ask Ashley) (Ask Chris) (Ask Bella) (Ask ND) (Ask Shelley) (Ask Bonnie) (Ask Ellen) (Ask April) (Ask Marianne) Contact Judith from this url: (Ask Anita) (Ask Raine) (Ask Marianne) (Ask Mary) For all fiction writers. (Ask Tracy) (Ask Selena) (Ask Nina) (Ask PG) (Ask Lena) (Ask KZ) (Ask Andrea) (For all of these ask Jeanne) And the availbility for guest blogging here: PG-13 only (Ask Barbara)
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