Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My box of paperbacks arrived from my publisher yesterday! Yay! I danced around the kitchen and kissed my husband, hard!

It still feels unreal when I open a box of books that I authored. Those books wouldn't exist if I hadn't gone out on a limb and imagined the idea, then did the work to make it happen.

Putting it that way, it feels even more momentous. LOL. Did I really write these books? The proof is in my hands now. No matter how unreal it all feels, there's nothing like that dizzying sensation of accomplishment.

If anyone would like a signed copy, please let me know by email. The books cost $12.99 and to ship them via media mail is about $2.20. Just send me an email at ash@ashlynchase.com then $15.19 and your snail mail address. I can accept PayPal.

Woo Hooooooo!!! As always, a portion of the profits go to the Arbor Day Foundation for reforestation.