Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm going to be on Internet radio tomorrow!

Listen to my oversharing with the indomitable Sascha, male erotic
romance author and radio host extrordinare--simply use the link below
Saturday, Jan 17th at 4 PM Eastern: Radio Dentata
More information at

>> >> He airs all of his shows on:
>> >> Monday 4 PM Saturday 4 PM all times Eastern Standard Time
Hope you can take a few minutes and have a listen!

We'll be talking (in part) about Nectar of the anthology with the aforementioned Sascha, Marianne Lacroix, Isabelle Drake and Ann Marie Ortega.

This anthology has been nominated for Best Anthology of 2008 by Love Romances Cafe.
My story within Nectar of the Gods, called Oh My God, has been nominated for an Eppie!