Friday, August 28, 2015

September News

I have an exciting month coming up!

Several months ago I joked on my facebook fan page that I should go to Ireland to do research for my upcoming Boston Dragon Novels. After all, the first book begins in Ireland and my characters (and thus my readers) make trips back and forth throughout.

So I mentioned it as a joke. Then I realized I've been to almost every place I've set a book. Just soaking up the atmosphere for a week or so and picking up details of special places helps make my novels richer as a result.

Yeah, so the joke was on me. My readers began their per pressure campaigns. 'You should go!' and 'Absolutely, you should check it out!' I mentioned this to my dear daughter, whom I call Little Miss Amazing, and she said, "That's next on my bucket list!"

Well, we haven't had a long mother-daughter trip since she was 12 and I took her back to Colorado to show her where she was born. We spent a week, saw more than I did in the two years I lived there, and had a ball. We're close anyway--more like friends, now that she's an adult--so it should be a lot of fun.  Someone (I can't remember who) said 'Never travel with someone you don't love.' Good advice. I've done that too. Ugh.

We're both so excited we can hardly stand it! I'll have loads of pictures to share with my facebook fans when I get back! If you want to see them, just 'like' my page and begin following the posts soon.

And if that's not enough, I have a new release at the end of this month! Tug of Attraction will be coming out 9/28/15. It should be available for pre-orders soon. I'm donating 15% of my royalties to The Endometriosis Foundation of America. If you want to know more about this unspoken of disease, read the book! The heroine suffers from it, and that makes this an unusual romance. My editor said, "I love, love, love it!" I hope you will too!


Joanna D'Angelo said...

have a great trip Ashlyn! and can't wait to see the pics. cheers!

Ashlyn Chase said...

Thanks, Joanna!
It was over too soon. Still lots to see and do. We'll have to go back. Kilkenny is where we left off, so we can start there and go north next time!