Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spring in the city

Signs of spring bring to mind beautiful meadows with wildflowers, baby wildlife, and kids able to shed their coats and kick a ball outside again. And now that I live in NH, that's the spring I know.

But back when I lived in Boston and Spring arrived, even with warmer weather the awakening seemed less evident--maybe because the city never really experienced the quiet sleep of winter.

It takes until late May or June, but eventually the city blooms. The public gardens are a joy to walk again. The swan boats come out of storage. But the major change is with people. All winter, people hurried with heads down to get where they needed to go. Spring encourages a slower step. A smile. Maybe even a nod or hello.

My series for Sourcebooks is set in Boston. The upcoming spin-off series is still in Boston only a few blocks away on Beacon Hill. Today I want to share with you a walk I took last Spring. It was early June, and I can't think of a better time to visit.

My favorite seaon is spring and my favorite color combination is pink and green. It never occured to me before taking this walk, but those are the colors that finally come together when life blooms in the city.

This is where I used to live. The flowers here are a little sad, but what do you expect of students living in a dorm? If they're not tromping on them, you're happy.

Even Abigail Adams seems to be enjoying the beautiful flowers along Commonwealth Avenue.

Book one in the new Flirting with Fangs series begins in early spring, and book two takes place in later spring and summer. I hope you can see why these are the seasons and this is the city that inspire me.

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Amber Skyze said...

Love the pics. I do enjoy Boston. :)See ya in a few days.