Saturday, April 21, 2012

Big book signing 4/28

Loads of New England romance writers will be signing our books at the Hawthorne Hotel in Salem MA on Sat. 4/28. Here are the deets:

Annual Book Fair for Literacy
Saturday, April 28
Hawthorne Inn
Salem, Massachusetts

General Public allowed in at 4:30
Authors from the world of Romance, Historical, Contemporary,
Paranormal, and Suspense

Jessica Andersen

Gina Ardito

Judith Arnold

Caitlin Avery

Julia Rachel Barrett

Annette Blair

Linda Bleser


Jamie Cat Callan

Ruth Cardello

Susan Carlisle

Char Chaffin

L. E.Chambelain

Ashlyn Chase

Elizabeth Cheryl

Gail Cleare

Karenna Colcraft

Roland Comtois

Maxie Cooper

Crescent Moon Press

Marie Force

Karen Frisch

Pepper Goodrich

Marley Gibson

Diane M. Haynes

Michael Hauge

Kristan Higgins

Shirley Ann Howard

Hannah Howell

Christina James

Coralie Jensen

Arline Kay

Marne Ann Kirk

Meg Maguire

Mari Mancusi

Mia Marlow

Lara Nance

Cathryn Parry

Judi Phillips

Nina Pierce

Jo Ramsey

Teresa Roberts

Carol Smilgin

Amber Skyze

Barbara Wallace

Penny Watson

Samantha Wayland

Jennifer Wells


Amber Skyze said...

So many great authors. I'm thrilled to be among some of the best. :)

Ashlyn Chase said...

I'm so glad I'll be seeing you there, Amber! Awesome!

Megan@Riverina Romantics said...

Hoping to get there!

Ashlyn Chase said...

You're going to brave the trip to Salem again, Megan? Wow. That's determination! I hope you have GPS.