Thursday, April 2, 2009

What a week!

I had planned to blog right after the NE romance writer's conference last weekend, but it wasn't possible. I was hit with more craziness than I could have predicted. My final line edits came in for a story I have a 4/17 release date for. That had to be taken care of pronto. (See on the 17th for my story, Djinn and Tonic!) The price of Quickies is being reduced to only $2.49! So do your part to stimulate the economy and save money at the same time!

I just submitted my story Giggles by Gabby for an anthology to benefit an employee of Ellora's Cave who lost her daughter in a fire. She held on for two weeks, but eventually expired. She was only 19 years old. Such a tragedy.

Today I'm sore, but my house is clean and fresh, and I feel so good about it. I hired a young woman (wonder girl) to help me with my spring cleaning. I can hardly believe the energy of that woman. She went for 6 hours straight. She wouldn't let me give her lunch or even water! She had two cigarette breaks (outdoors, of course) and that was all. I don't know if I ever had that much stamina! Maybe she's an immortal. One that has super strength and doesn't need food or water. Hmm...maybe there was a canteen of blood in her car? I can't believe what she did was humanly possible.

I'm SO hiring her again next year!