Monday, May 5, 2008

R rated Excerpt from Death by Delilah

Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone! Have a Corona with lime for me. It's no longer on my diet. *pout*

Anyway, here's a treat to heat up your holiday!

Josh stepped into the back seat, scooted across and patted the empty spot beside him. Delilah slid in next to him and shut the door. He faced her squarely and looked her in the eyes.

“There’s something I want to say.”

She smiled and shrugged. “Say it.”

Josh gently placed his hand behind her head. The other one he wrapped around her waist. Leaning in and drawing her to him at the same time, he kissed her. She tipped her head and pressed against his mouth harder, opening to him.

Their tongues met and swirled together slowly, dancing. She tasted the slight tang of beer and salt but also something sweeter. Something that must have been pure Joshua Sparks.

Delilah knew they shouldn’t be doing this but a big part of her didn’t care.
Josh stopped suddenly. “I’m sorry.”

She tried to cover her crushing disappointment. “Why? Are you afraid that an officer kissing an enlistee might be construed as ‘fraternizing’?”

Josh laughed. “I’m sure it is but no. I was operating under the assumption that ‘it’s better to do what you want and beg forgiveness than to ask permission and be told, ‘no’.”

“Ah, I see.” Delilah traced the shape of his lips with her finger. “And what if I said that I wouldn’t forgive you?”


She put a finger over his lips and whispered, “Shhh. I wasn’t finished.”

“Oh. What were you going to say?”

“What if I said I wouldn’t forgive you—if you stopped what you were doing?”

Josh pulled her into his strong grasp and kissed her soundly. Delilah felt the heat building between them and answered his passion by meshing her body to his. Their mouths stayed fused together as he lowered her and pulled her bottom toward him until she was supine. His hand found her breast and moved over the slinky material of her dress. She moaned around his mouth as his finger circled her erect nipple. Damn, I’ll kill him if he stops now.