Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I'm dazed, confused and grateful!

I have someone to take over the daunting job of promoting myself! She seems like someone who will take care of doing many of the things I used to have to do myself, which took up valuable writing time! Things like running contests, posting excerpts and managing newsletters! How wonderful is she?

Soon you'll see things about me and my books coming to you from Phoenix Promotions. (Thank you, Goddess Phoenix!)

If you've been wondering about my latest contest...well, so am I! I notified a winner for the designer inspired bag and waited a week. She never got back to me. So, I selected another name randomly from my e-mailing list and haven't heard back from her yet, either! If I give her a week and still no response, I'll be picking another name. So, if you're on my e-mailing list, you're still in the game.