Wednesday, February 28, 2018

March News. It's here! Book 1 of the new Phoenix Brothers series, blog tour and giveaways!

It feels like forever when you're waiting for a book to come out--especially one that's traditionally published! (Typically it's about a year from author's deadline to publication.) But, at's here!

I'm happy to tell you my publicist set up a blog tour with loads of excerpts--and a prize at every stop! Woo Hoo! Thank you, Beth! Many giveaways last a week or all month! Don't give up if you missed one on the scheduled day.

Here's the schedule:
March 1, Reading in Pajamas:
Reading Between the Wines Book Club:

March 2, USA Today HEA blog
Long and Short Reviews

March 6, Official book release! Yay! Run to Barnes and Nobel, or wherever you buy your books. Unless you already preordered online, of course. (If so, thank you!)

March 7, Ever After blog
March 8, Fresh Fiction blog 
March 9th--two I set up myself for friends: Karen's Killer Fixins,
Bonnie Phelps first kiss blog
March 16, Harlequin Junkies blog
March 25, Night Owl Reviews blog

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And for the cherry on top... I have a box set of erotic romances on sale from March 7 to April 7th...just $1.99!  Universal link to all sales outlets


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