Sunday, July 30, 2017

August News!

August is shaping up to be such a crazy month that I'm posting a day early. Otherwise I'll fly off to the RTC conference in Canada and as soon as I relax, I'll slap myself upside the head and yell, "Doh! I forgot to update my blog!" I don't want to alarm other passengers on the plane, so...

First things first: I have a new release! YAY! Book 3 in the Boston Dragons Series, Never Dare a Dragon is on shelves at your favorite bookstore now. If you preordered online, check your inbox! It's there! I love this book. Jayce is so fun, sexy and charming...
and Kristine is our dragon. Yup. A female dragon--just what our Boston Dragons have been searching for! Only, Jayce isn't a dragon. He's a phoenix. Both make great firefighters. Dragons, because they can't die in a fire, and phoenixes because, if they do, they'll rise from the ashes.

Here's an early review!

 Score: 5.00 / 5 - Reviewer Top Pick

 Ashlyn Chase absolutely lights it up with hot and hilarious romance. Jayce Fierro is a fun loving, firefighting, committed to his family man, what more could any woman want in a hero. Add in the fact that he's an honest to goodness phoenix shifter. Kristine Scott is a dedicated and determined dragon shifter. I love strong heroines, women who don't need men in their lives to save them but are looking for a partner. Seeing how much of an impression these two make upon each other in such an unlikely first meeting was an absolute treat to witness. I couldn't help but laugh out loud at Jayce's over the top flirty and how quickly Kristine joined in. I knew this couple wasn't going to let a few obstacles and some geography get in the way of a possible relationship and I couldn't stop turning pages to see just how they would find their way. It's no secret that I'm a fan of this author and of this particular series. I loved catching up with some old friends and making some new ones. I honestly can't seem to get enough of the world she has created and the quirky inhabitants that live there. It's been a few days since I've finished reading this story and I still find myself thinking about it and smiling. If you are a fan of light paranormal this one is a must read. I'm already looking forward to whatever story she comes up with next.
The Story: Kristine Scott has never depended on anyone it has always been her and her mother against the world. However when her mother is kidnapped Kristine must use her dragon shifter abilities in ways she hates and she finds herself getting help from a man she's just getting to know. Can Jayce's shifter abilities help her get her mother back and can these two find a way to be together?

 Happy reading,

 Pauline Michael

 The Night Owl Reviews Team

See the whole list of online stores here:

Yes, I'll be in Ottawa at the Romancing the Capitol conference 8/3 to 8/6.  It looks to be another wonderful event with readers and authors getting together to have tons of fun! I'll be giving 4 workshops! One is 'Where Do Authors Get Their (Crazy) Ideas?' and another on picking pen names with numerology, called Your Lucky Digits. And I'll also be on a Humor panel--or as the Canadians call it Humour, and finally, I'll also be on a panel of dragon authors! 

Now, I love Eve Langlais. She's the brains behind the above conference. I had such a great time at the first one, I stole (I mean, borrowed!) many of her ideas to incorporate into our Fall in Love with New England Romance Reader/Author conference.
Register soon! You don't want to be left out! Readers easily win back their conference fee with all the free books, baskets, centerpieces, giveaways, trick-or-treats, and Yankee toss up! And there's no putting a price on the forever friendships that come out of these get togethers!

So, that's the tip of the iceberg. I have a deadline for a book in the new Phoenix Brothers series (starting this winter) so I'd better get writing!

Saturday, July 1, 2017

July News

Happy July! I have lots of great news for my paperback readers.
First--A BOGO sale (Buy one, get one free!) Woo Hoo! It's Christmas in July! I'll sign them to anyone you want. Christmas shopping, done!

*May I suggest the following pairs...
My two anthologies each contain 3 novellas. So, you get 6 novellas for the price of one novel! (10.99 USD and you get free shipping if I can send them to a USA address!)  
Or my two cowritten books with the fabulously talented Dalton Diaz! (One is $11.99 and the other is $9.99, so we'll spit the difference and make them $10.99 too!)
Or, the two brand new releases! Book 1 and its sequel are coming out together, so you don't have to wait! Just $10.99 for both!
 Now, if you're not into paperbacks, but really prefer ebooks, of course the new releases are available in eformats too. Only $2.99! Find links to all online stores here: and here: other news: I'm working hard to make the second annual Fall in Love with New England Reader/Author conference even more spectacular than last year! Check our blog to see which awesome authors who will be attending!
If you want details about the conference itself, you can always go to our website.