Tuesday, September 30, 2014

October news!

It's October! A fabulous month for all things paranormal. If you get too much horror and need something light and fun, check out any of my books!

My schedule is still coming together, but it's filling up fast! You know what else is filling up fast? Registration for Canada's first romance readers and writers conference in April! I'll be there. Will you?
Romancing the Capitol

Oct 4th
I'll be giving a talk to the Rhode Island Romance Writers called Writers Be Crazy; Secrets to the Creative Mind. This will be my first time presenting this material but hopefully not my last. I'm looking forward to it.

Beginning Oct. 6th, Blog Hop!
For those of you who like dealing with spooky, why not join us and do something cooky. From October 6th through the 23rd, over 30 authors are hosting a Halloween Scavenger Hunt.  Participants visit each site to find a Halloween graphic.  The more sites you visit, the more chances to win. There are over 60 prizes, multiple winners each day. On October 6th, visit Sloan McBride's blog Sloan McBride where you get all the information, including links to the authors' pages, and a link to a sheet to type all the answers. It should be wicked fun!  See you there.

Oct 11th is my usual monthly blog post at Naughty Author Chicks

Oct. 28th is my day to blog at Casablanca Authors

Oct 31st, Halloween Party!
Redz World would like to invite you to a Halloween Extravaganza...An entire day of fun and prizes. Many of your favorite authors will be there! Redzworld.

Monday, September 1, 2014

September News!

Lots going on right away this month!

Hold the presses!
The Cupcake Coven series has been sold to a publisher! Lachesis Publishing has offered me a contract for all 3 books in the series. Look for the rerelease of The Cupcake Coven and Tug of Attraction, plus the January new release of book 3--Out of the Broom Closet!
For now you can enjoy all my other books, and there are lots of them! Find them on my website. http://www.ashlynchase.com

Sept 4th I'll be featured at Cover Reveals!

Sept 7th is National Sausage Day and I'm celebrating with a blog at Snark Mommy Reads as part of her Snarktember celebration. In honor of the day, I'm talking about my July release with Dalton Diaz and Terry Spear-- Gods Gone Wild. Talk about a sausage-fest! LOL Check it out. You'll love it!

Sept 13th is my monthly blog at Naughty Author Chicks. Check in and see if I'm still halfway sane. :)

Sept 20th is my day to blog at Casablanca Authors. Who knows what I'll be talking about by then! LOL
It probably won't be the new release or sale--not just because that'll be old news by then, but because this is the author's blog of my traditional publishing house. I may have a sneak peek of my next dragon book for you! 

Speaking of that book, my deadline to turn it the finished manuscript is Sept 30th. No, you don't have to keep that in the back of your mind, but I sure do! I wish I could mention the title, but it hasn't been decided yet. LOL. Stay tuned!

Oh! I have one more event before the end of this busy month. I'm participating in The Romance Reviews month long party. (See my home page for details on this and Snarktember.) Loads of prizes, and I'll have a fun Q&A for readers on Sept 23rd. Don't worry, it's SUPER easy! I want lots of comments and someone will win one of my books!