Sunday, January 1, 2017

January News

Happy New year! Wow! What a month this is shaping up to be...
Mr. Amazing and I celebrated our 23rd anniversary 12/31 and 1/1. We got married exactly at midnight, so we celebrate both days. ;)

In book news...there's a lot! 
All my Ellora's Cave books are mine again. Meaning, I own the rights. The publisher went under, so I'll either have to sell them to another publisher or Indie publish them.
I still love those books and want to make them available to you! My agent is trying to sell one to a traditional publisher for me, and I've decided to Indie publish the rest.

Here's the plan: As of 1/3/17 two books will be available.
First...A bargain! 3 stories (previously sold individually) in one volume! Immortally Yours can be found anywhere you buy books for $2.99. Be sure to look for this pretty new cover. Paperbacks can be ordered here:
Descriptions and details are available wherever you buy your books.

And...the ever popular Vampire Vintage is with Kindle Select. (Meaning, you can only get the ebook version at Amazon for 3 months.) All other venues will have it in April, 2017.
Check out this adorable cover by the talented Amanda Walker!

Both books are available in print from Just click this link:  for Vampire Vintage and it will bring you right there!

In person booksigning Sunday, Jan 29th, 2 - 4 p.m.
65 James Street, Worcester, MA. 

And online: I'll be blogging at 1/23/17 
That's What I'm Talking About on 1/24/17 here: 

Well, between all that and the holidays, I'm waaay behind on my work in progress. Gotta go write, right now!