Monday, May 20, 2013

Sorry about the late May news.

I usually post the months schedule of blog and live appearances on the first. This month I'm extremely late, due to 1) recovering from the 'Busy Much' blog tour in April and 2) landscaping.
It didn't really matter since I have no blogs or appearances this month (for a change!)

I have an item in Branda Novak's auction, and that's about it.

I post a Weekly Weird Question contest on my facebook fan page.

1) I can ask anything I want.

2) You have no idea what the prize is. (Could be something awesome, like a gift card...or something silly like a plastic vase. Hey--you buy your ticket and you take your chances--except there's no ticket to buy. It's free.

3) You can never predict the answer I'm looking for.

4) You have to post your answer in my FB comments and send me an email stating that you want to be in the drawing. Sometimes there's more than 1 winner. Most of the time, not. LOL

I told you...It's a weird contest!

Love, Ash