Saturday, December 26, 2009

Santa had a sense of humor this year!

My husband and I usually have a lot of fun together. When my mother-in-law joins us, we have a giggle-fest. Christmas is no different, but this one seemed especially funny since hubby received some new technology that went array at just the right (wrong) moment.

We live near a town with a world-famous boarding prep school. Smart, rich kids from all over the world attend. (Mel Gibson's kids went to school there.) We have a holiday tradition of brunch at the local Inn, right across the street from the campus. This year was no different...well, sort of.

We had had a lovely holiday feast of lobster bisque, fresh shrimp and crab, swordfish with a butter and herb garnish, boneless ribs, Caesar salad, goose with a cherry reduction sauce, potatoes Lyonaisse, glazed turnips, curried cauliflower, and mimosas. Well, that's what I had. They put on an all you can eat buffet and after we had all we could eat plus two or three deserts, we leaned back in our chairs and patted our full bellies. Then my husband's alarm went off.

I should explain that his alarm sounds like a rooster crowing. Loudly! And he couldn't shut it off!!! As the other guests glanced around the restaurant looking for the crazed rooster, his mother and I sat there giggling until we had tears in our eyes.

My husband had to eventually get up and bolt out of the restaurant until he could shush his new toy--and reprogram it!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Yipeeee! It's release day!

Today is the day Green Card is released from Total-e-Bound. It's a contemporary, Rubinesque with a manage and spanking.
Mason Germaine is close to a contract for his graphic novel, but if his model Katia is deported to Russia, his hopes will die...all of them.

Find it here:

I'll be blogging at TRS blue today!
And...I've been interviewed by The Quirky Ladies!



Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fashion show!

Signing my naughty books at this show was a blast! It was a couples friendly place, and my hubby was with me. He took the pics, so don't blame me...LOL.

Click on a picture you want to enlarge. This is only a sample. I'll be making a slideshow later.

Pictures from the Everything about Sex Show!