Friday, January 12, 2018

January News

 Only 1 more day for Love Cuffs ! Tug of Attraction is still on sale until the end of Jan!

Also: Stay tuned for the Feb news, because I'm adding a new segment. A sneak peek at the March release! Hooked on a Phoenix. Book 1 in the new Phoenix Brothers series! 
Oops! Here it is Jan 12th and I didn't give you the monthly news yet. I'm sorry!

I do have a good excuse... I've been on vacation! January is a big month for me. Mr. Amazing and I celebrated 24 years of wedded bliss on New Year's Eve--in Florida. Yes, it was chilly, but we kept each other warm. ;) We stayed 10 days to include my birthday on the 7th. Yippee! I'm another year older. Wait... I didn't mean yippee. I meant, groan. Although looking forward to at least three new releases makes this year a Yippee after all!

Advance hint* Love Cuffs goes on sale this weekend. This hilarious novel I wrote with Dalton Diaz in a she said/he said format (which I've never seen done before) is being offered for $0.99 -- limited time!

And don't forget to preorder the March Release, Hooked on a Phoenix. It's the first in a new series, and it's a spin-off of a spin off of a spin off! The first series was Strange Neighbors, which led to the spin off, Flirting with Fangs, which led to the spin off Boston Dragons. And now-- The Phoenix Brothers!

I hope you're reading some wonderful books this winter! (Here's hoping you're reading one of mine.)