Saturday, July 30, 2011

My kindle books can now be autographed!

I'm serious!
If you have a Kindle version of any of my books located here:

I can add a personal message and sign them for you--no charge!
You just need a Twitter account to sign in.

Give it a try...I can't wait to see how it works!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Blog tour...let the madness begin!

Almost all of these blog stops have a giveaway. Juat leave a comment to be entered into the drawings.

July 28--The Romance Studio release party
July AND radio interview
Aug Interview
Aug 2--Bitten By Books release party ($50.00 Amazon gift card up for grabs!)
Aug Launch party AND
Aug 4--The Qwillery AND
Aug 9--Preturnatura interview
Aug 12--
Aug 13--In person book signing! Well Read Books, Plaistow, NH 10:30 to 2 p.m.
Aug 19--Girls who Bite blog
Aug 20-- ($25 B&N gift card)
Aug 22--
Aug 25--Red Pencil Thursday (critique my work in progress!)
Aug 29-- AND
Aug 30--

On Aug 31st I will be lounging in my backyard.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

New paperback is out!

Just released while I was blissfully partying the nights away...
A duo with Isabelle Drake from Ellora's Cave about brothers who work as hard as they play and the women who really make them sweat.

Demolishing Mr. Perfect
Even though she's a nurse at a sperm bank, meeting young, virile professionals every day, Natalie Watson's relationships always seem to suffer from "stress fractures". With a hopeless prognosis, she seeks metaphysical help. The tea leaf reader tells her there's a perfect man for her, but she might have to change her definition of "perfect".

Shane (Crusher) Derby, owner of Derby Demolition, takes out his aggressions all day long by blowing up buildings and smashing the contents. He couldn't be mellower until the nurse in the adjacent building tells him to keep it down. He's making her donors jump and miss their cups. And he has the nerve to think it's funny.

Hard Fall

Have sex with a stranger? Never. But Brooke is fed up with life and looking for a change. When she meets a from-out-of-town cowboy in a Cambridge bar, she decides he’s exactly what she needs—a quick, anything goes, one-night-only distraction.

Liam thought wearing a cowboy hat to his favorite sports bar because he lost a bet was pure humiliation, but when a hot, short-skirt-wearing woman tells him he’s just what she wants, he changes his mind. But one night isn’t enough for Liam and he’s willing to change the rules of their game to get what he wants.

RWA National Convention (my experience)

I just returned from the RWA national convention in NYC. It was awesome in many ways. I drank too much champagne, received overloads of adulation and inspiration, and felt like a rock star.

Strange Neighbors was up for a National Readers Choice Award, and even though I didn't win, I received plenty of positive attention by getting a ribbon and 3 certificates. One for me, one for my editor and one for my agent. My editor and publisher were there to see it, which was a nice surprise.

They took us (all the Sourcebooks Authors) out in limos to a Vietnamese restaurant down on 2nd Ave. We were on 45th, so it was a nice long limo ride. I finally learned how to use chopsticks! It was either that or starve. There were about 10 courses, and when the final one came out, there were metal spoons to serve it with. I almost yelled, "Come on, you had silverware all this time? And you didn't tell us?" Sheesh. Oh well, I'd only have eaten more if I'd had it at the beginning.

I saw lots of my Ellora's Cave buds and the bosses as well. They gave us these pretty umnbrellas that said Thank You in several languages. I love mine!

Because it was in New York, I was able to take the train, which is a beautiful ride along the coast. Guess who walked by me in my car on the way home? Elijah Wood! Traveling coach. Alone. His stock just went way up in my eyes. I like celebs who aren't full of themselves.

Well, that's about it for now. I need to go back and revise my proposal and finish up a story that Ellora's Cave just contracted. Well, I best be getting back to work!

Oh! And my agent and I came up with the funniest idea for a scene by scene freebie right here on my blog! Stay tuned for Karma Cleaners!