Friday, April 3, 2015

April News

What happened to March?
I think March was one of those months I trudged through with my head down.'s April! I hit my deadline of March 31st. The snow is beginning to melt (just beginning) and I have some cool new news for you!

Two books are edited and 'in the can'. One will be released by the end of spring. I don't have an exact date yet. I'll post it here as soon as I know. The other comes out on the first Tuesday in October. I may even have a third book coming out this year! Stay tuned!!

Easter is an annual tradition now. My number one fan and I go out for Easter brunch! This year her daughter is joining us. I'm looking forward to it as I always do. But this year brunch will be served in a library! I'll take pictures. Watch my facebook page for posts.

Later this month, I'll be boarding Air Canada and going to the first ever reader/writer conference in Canada! The event is called Romancing the Capitol and it takes place in Ottawa. (Which is the capitol of Canada. Get it?)

If you happen to be there (or near by) there's a big book signing open to the public on Saturday April 18th. I hope you'll stop in and say 'hi'! Maybe even get a cool new book signed by its author.

Other than my annual mamogram, that's about all I have scheduled for April. Have a great one, everybody!