Monday, February 16, 2015

Feb news

Yikes! it's halfway through Feb and I forgot to post this month's news. Oh well. No excuses. But if you were to ask why, I'd say, snow; travel; snow; deadlines; and more snow. (You gotta love New England.)

Anyway...There are a couple of important announcements to make.

First: Gods Gone Wild with the bonus story by Terry Spear will be going away at the end of this month. (Boo hoo.) But Dalton and I will see that it's republished with our two related novellas. Maybe we'll include some other bonus material. Stay tuned. We'll all be surprised later.

Next and not least: How to Date a Dragon is on sale from now until Feb 27th! Woo Hoo! This is the book that inspired a whole new series. Boston Dragons has been contracted by my mass market publisher Sourcebooks, and the fist book will be released Oct. 6th.

So, there's plenty of time to read it later, but you'll want to buy it now!! (To tell your friends, here's a handy pre-worded tweet with a link.)

Why not curl up with HOW TO DATE A DRAGON by @GoddessAsh $1.99 on @nookBN

Thanks everyone! Stay warm!