Sunday, April 1, 2018

April News

Happy Easter! Happy April!
I'd say Happy spring, but here in the Northeast, we're still covered in snow. Here's where I tell you not to hate me...we just bought a beach condo in Florida! It turns out that by renting it when we can't be there, it will pretty much pay for itself. And when we want to escape the snow... Well, I'll be there!

I can't wait for my brain to thaw so I can write more books for you to enjoy. I just finished the first draft of book 3 in the Phoenix Brother's series! Quick recap: Book 1 just came out in March. It's a "Stay away from my sister" story, and it's one of my all time favorites! Gabe is the reluctant hero and Misty has her own 'stuff' to deal with in Hooked on a Phoenix.
  Book 2 is written, edited, and awaiting publication in Oct 2018. Here's the first look at its cover.
This is Noah of More than a Phoenix. 

Well, I'm going out to Easter Brunch with a fan who has become a dear friend--because romance readers and writers are like that. We're brining our daughters, so lets see what kind of havoc 4 crazy women can cause in Newburyport today!