Friday, December 1, 2017

December News

Happy Holidays, everyone!
I wish I could say my December is starting out well, but... One of my favorite publishing sites is shutting down. The four Indie books I had published with them were, of course, affected. That meant scrambling to republish four books, all at once, in all sales outlets. Whew! I'm still working on it.

They're back--for the most part. Unfortunately I lost some of those valuable reviews! If anyone would like to read and review one of the following books--for free, let me know. I'd consider it a Christmas present to me!
Laura's Upcycled Life; Thrill of the Chase; Heaving Bosoms; Quivering Thighs.

My assistant Dianne will follow up to be sure you were able to post the review--just let her know how much time you need. I'll give you her contact info when I send the book(s). Please specify Mobi (Kindle) format or Epub format (for Nook and other reading devices.) Use the contact button on my website or email me directly.

Here are the books and sales platforms. You don't have to post a review on all platforms! In fact, Amazon is fine, if you only post it to one place. I simply include the others in case you buy your books elsewhere. I actually get more of my sales from Barnes and Noble, so I buy my books there as a 'Thank you' to them!

I use handy dandy Universal Links! Here's how you can find all of my books and all the sales outlets that carry them at once:
in other words, those 4 books can be found by copying and pasting or clicking on these links:

Thank you for whatever you can do to help!

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