Thursday, December 17, 2015

Dec News

Oh, damn. Here it is, mid-December and I haven't posted my news. Oh well. That's December for you...
I've been busy. I have been arranging ads in online magazines and review sites to suggest that readers might like to ask Santa for their Fall in Love with New England registration fee to be paid. It's on sale for $75 right now, so don't delay!

You know what else is on sale? My book How to Date  Dragon--and it has a spin off series coming!

From now until December 31. How to Date a Dragon (Flirting with Fangs Book 2) is a part of the Kindle December Holiday Store sale. Even though it is a Kindle promotion, the price of the e-book will still drop to $1.99 across all platforms (not just Amazon) during this time.

About that spin off series...
It's called Boston Dragons and begins with I Dream of Dragons in April 2016.

I'd also like to point you toward an important blog I have coming up on Sat. Dec 19th.  Casablanca Authors. I'd appreciate a visit and a comment. I just may have a contest too. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment!


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