Sunday, April 6, 2014

April News

I'm gearing up for May--that's my April news. LOL
Okay, so I have a couple of guest blogs in April and those are on 4/9 and on 4/12. I hope you'll stop by.

Actually, May is a huge month and there's lots to do in preparation. My first Indie book is coming out May 5th, and guess what? In order to self-publish this and (hopefully) many more books this way, I became a company! Imagination Unlimited LLC, to be exact.  

So, I'm opening bank accounts, applying for credit cards, opening a PayPal business account, etc. It's like starting over with a whole new identity.

Also in May, I'll be attending the big romance reader/writer/industry convention in New Orleans. Here's a link to the event.

The giant book fair is open to the public, so if you're not able to go to the convention, you could still meet me in Nawlins at the book signing. Thank goodness they have us seated in alphabetical order or you'd never find me. There will be hundreds of authors at the fair!


Victoria said...

I think that's so cool that you are now a company :). It must be very time consuming but it will be worth it :).

Unknown said...

I hope so!

Ash said...

LOL I keep forgetting my iPad isn't recognized on my own blog and I have to put my name in.