Friday, May 7, 2010

Mothers...Cats are kids too

I have one human child. Bill Cosby said, "Anyone who has an only child doesn't have kids." It's true. You don't have one daring the other to jump off the roof into the fluffy snow, (like my brother did to me. Yup, I jumped. Got the wind knocked out of me and my back hurt for a couple of days.) You don't have one telling the other that Vanilla not only smells delicious, but it taste yummy too and gets you to take a big gulp, (Yup my brother did that to me too. It burned all the way down...and back up again.) I don't know how my mother stood us. She must have had amazing patience, but I remember my brother and I testing that theory. A lot.

They say, you only get what you can handle. As a single mom for several years, I wasn't able to handle much. Memories of those years make me wonder how I managed to raise such a well-adjusted kid. As a nurse, I sometimes worked double shifts to make ends meet. When I had a date, I had to hope my ex-husband didn't find out and do something jerky. Sigh. But somehow, we made it through. As a mother, you just do what you have to do. By the time I remarried, my daughter was thirteen and my baby days were over. So one is all I got.

Now, because my daughter has grown up and moved into her own condo, I don't have kid or kids. I have a cat. He can be just as funny as a kid sometimes, but again...he's an only cat. I think when he leaves us (and we are SO not looking forward to that day) we'll get two. Maybe a brother and sister. My mom would be proud.


Amber Skyze said...

My mom only had one too. She said I was MORE than enough. LOL

Happy Mother's Day!

Ashlyn Chase said...

Yup. I gave my poor mother plenty of gray hairs--especially when I was a teenager.

Thank Goodness my daughter was much better than me.