Sunday, November 9, 2008

More contest goodies!

I can't help it. I love to play Santa. I just read recently that it's been proven that shopping and gifts makes people happy. However shopping for others and giving gifts rather than receiving them makes people happy longer!

I believe it. There's nothing like a good shopping day with a few extra dollars in my wallet...especially in this economy! Yet, I don't need much of anything. So what do I do? I shop for you! For contest prizes! Good prizes. Something I, myself, would love to win.

And I consider bargain hunting to be a sport. Seiously! I probably have the same thrill of the hunt when I find some of these "steals" as a hunter feels when he bags an especially large... Ugh. Let's not talk of stealing or killing. Let's talk in fishing terms! I used to love to fish--haven't been for years and I miss it. Will have to go again soon. ANYWAY The catch of the day...yes. Yesterday's catch included these wonderful items!

1) A warm, sofisticated, black and gray scarf with your name written all over it! Well, if your name is Gucci, that is!

2) A pair of tortoise shell "Dolce and Gabbana" sunglasses.

3) A "Dior" shoulder bag. (strap inside)

and 4) A "100% cashmere" scarf made in Scotland.

And from a previous shopping trip I returned with other goodies to give away soon.
No pictires of those yet, though. A black "Prada" purse, A cherry "Louis Vuitton" wallet, and a few other little things.

So, I'll need to hold some contests soon! Especially since I have winter items...The scarves and bags will need to go first. I can hang onto the "Fendi" umbrella for spring. Oops! I wasn't supposed to say anything about that. Saving that surprise for another day.

The reason I'm putting these names in quote is that I'm never sure if these are real or knock offs. I get them at an upscale flea market. They sure look real, though!